Michaela 's Wedding

Options for a bride to be.
  • Your Song
    "1. The dress is so sterile-white that I feel it needs a bit of warmth, so I added the nude pumps and clutch, which give the outfit a more intimate glow.
    2. The pumps and clutch are versatile and modern so they can be used in other looks after the wedding" — @herecomesadelivery
  • Georgia on My Mind
    "1.The dress made me think of a Georgia wedding, with lots of flowers and greenery. Hence the non-traditional pumps.
    2. The clutch and pumps add a modern touch to the mix." — @herecomesadelivery
  • Almost Rosey
    "Dust-pink dress (or any other traditional bridal color) combined with modern nude accessories for an overall soft, delicate, yet up-to-date look." — @herecomesadelivery
  • P.S. I Love You
    "A Virginia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington wedding in the woods.
    Greenery and classic white. Lace and pearls." — @herecomesadelivery
  • Love Goes Home to Paris in the Spring
    "This set is for the dress-cut only (I couldn't find it in white or white-ish tones)." — @herecomesadelivery
  • English Garden Wedding
    "Once again, the color of the dress is irrelevant." — @herecomesadelivery
  • La Mer
    "Elegant New England sea cottage wedding." — @herecomesadelivery
  • Nighttiming
    "The color of the dress is irrelevant." — @herecomesadelivery

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