• Neue Aachen Light
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  • Stand for the silent, depresed ,suicidal,bullied,everyone
    This makes me incredibly sad. Anyone, who os reading this, if you are in any sort of problems...please talk to me. I WILL listen, I will help. Please don't kill yourself. This is for all those guys and girls who are thinking of suicide. Please don't do it, talk to me. If you are reading this and need help or know somebody who does, talk to me. Love you. ♥
  • Monotype News Gothic Regular
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  • Twenty hilarious funny quotes
    Enjoy twenty hilarious funny quotes for your humor and lol. Hilarious quotes like Regular naps prevent old age, especially if you take them while driving. (My personal favorite funny quotes)
  • Drowning Words
    "Dear parents. Hug your child. Depression is not a fad." ~Unknown source. Found on an image from Photobucket.~*~Renee Danes sat comfortably on her sof..