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  • Are These The Perfect Jeans?
    JEANS that look worn in to perfection but also hug every curve of your body are the holy grail in every girl's wardrobe, and LA label Re/Done just might have hit upon the perfect alchemy to create them. No stretch, no technologically-advanced dyeing process, these jeans look like your favourite old denim friend, but so, so much better.
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    The growth for Coachella parties this year is becoming almost as big as Coachella itself, accounting for quite the diversity of styles – ranging from the poolside partiers and music fans to the brunching bloggers and fashion show guests. But, whatever your plans are for the weekend, check out our style guide for inspiration on what to wear to each of the 5 major types of parties that will be taking place around the festival grounds this year! POOLSIDE VIP Poolside parties are Coachella’s welcome break from the hot sun and muddy crowds. It’s also your chance to show off your expert taste in the latest swimwear for summer. The key for getting noticed and staying practical is to dress lightly, seamlessly transforming your bikini into loungewear and back again. We love how our Lookbookers have styled their poolside outfits, ranging from throwing on a denim vest or a sheer dress to wiggling into a loose crochet pullover. Sheer robes and floral kimonos will always be a festival mainstay, perfect for wrapping around your suit once you’re out of the water. Suits this season come in all kinds of shapes, colors and cut-outs with interesting prints. For dudes, pairing printed tanks and tee’s with fun colorful trunks or shorts is simple, stylish and effective. White is huge this season as well so you can't really go wrong with it (just don't spill anything)! PAMPER STATION There’s a slew of beauty stations popping up and they’re only getting bigger, more numerous and elaborate. Since the festivals have been evolving into temporary fashion hubs peppered with media and famous street photographers, it’s becoming increasingly more important for festival-goers to clean off the sweat and rejuvenate at beauty bars and pamper stations. The best kind of outfits to wear to these things are cute and comfortable casualwear. This means simple dresses and maxis, or loose flowy tops (ever-so-slightly tucked into frayed, cuffed, ripped or colored denim shorts and corduroy). Off-the-shoulder tops and peasant blouses also work great for that easygoing, relaxed feel. As for accessories, a straw or suede bag to carry all the gifting suite goodies, a thin belt to hold up those shorts, and colorful, beaded jewelry all come highly recommended. Hair can be held back by headbands or messy buns until the stylists can tackle with their expert artistry. INTIMATE BRUNCH The blogger brunchers are a dressy bunch – with mindful outfits planned over a week in advance, most likely (thought not as glammed out as the fashion show set). Although heels are rare for Coachella-goers, short wedges or lace-up boots are a stylish addition for a blog-worthy look. Our favorites for these are the variety of dresses, tops and slips in lace, ruffles and fringe, decorated with cool accessories like costume jewelry, flash tattoos, floral motifs, leather vests, small furs, and cute bags. For men, chambray shirts are all the rage. Pair with Bermuda shorts and a classy leather bag. Just think classy, creative and free-spirited. FASHION SHOW / PRESENTATION With all eyes on Coachella street style, ready to take on the fashion pulse for summer, the multi-weekend festival is gradually becoming LA’s version of fashion week. Brands are ever the more interested in showcasing their latest lines on the periphery of the festival grounds, with presentations and full-on runway shows. The looks we discover at these events turn out to be slightly more upscale versions of what music festival-goers usually wear -- long, silky shirt dresses in miniature floral print, styled with statement pieces like summer furs, gold jewelry and Western motifs (leather, fringe, ruffles, cowboy hats, heeled boots and ponchos). CONCERT / DANCE PARTY Last but not least we see the concerts that serve as a pure extension of Coachella – the miscellaneous concerts and DJ dance parties. This is where we see OG festival style – plenty of black and desert-inspired wear like crochet everything, brassieres, band tee’s and crop tops paired with high-waist denim shorts under long kimonos and ponchos in cool 70’s prints (or leather
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    Few things in your closet will make you feel as instantly girlie as a little pink dress. And, since we've spotted our favorite crop of celebrities from here to Cannes, like Ashley Greene, Mia Wasikowska, Emmy Rossum, and Jayma Mays, all showing off
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    Thousands of people battling dust, sun and oppressive heat, running at top speed to make it to the stage before their favorite band goes on. Dancing har...
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    • Exclusive Kerry Washington Scandalous AllHipHop.com
  • The Best Coachella Photos of 2014
    Thousands of people battling dust, sun and oppressive heat, running at top speed to make it to the stage before their favorite band goes on. Dancing har...
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  • The Best Celeb Coachella Style Ever
    Coachella isn't just about the amazing music — it's also about the amazing style (and celeb sightings!). From flirty rompers and boho dresses to endless cutoffs and floral crowns, check out celebs' hottest Coachella looks ever.
  • McDonald’s and Corvette Stingray Coachella Pool Party
    For daring guests, the event offered a 25-foot free-fall stunt jump from a platform into a giant branded inflatable cushion below.
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    From Beyonce to Katy Perry, Lorde and Sienna Miller, see which stars turned up in Indio, Calif., for the annual spring music festival
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    The rom-com genre is full of movies with cynical leading men, who wind up meeting that special girl who turns around their preconceived notions about love and r
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