♡ The Midnight Sun ♡

Name: Luna Marie
Age: 18
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Act: Contortionist
Style: Edgy boho; a lot of spikes, studs, feathers, and flowers. Bustiers, crop tops, and oversized ripped cardis. High low skirts, studded shorts, and leather mini skirts. Favorite colors are dark red, black, and turquoise.
Likes: Dancing, sarcasm, late nights, thunder storms, horror & gore, fire, traveling, spontaneous adventures, bruises, collar bones, mysteries, and the Midnight Sun.
Dislikes: Preps, boredom, bubble gum, being normal, cotton candy, and sparkles.
Bio: Luna Marie is an odd and creepy girl. She was born with a weird birth defect, which made her extremely and rarely flexible. With this talent, her mother tried signing her up for ballet classes when she was 4, but Luna hated it. As she grew up in school everyone tried to "box" down her talents and all her parents ever wanted her to be was normal. Of course, Luna was only thinking the opposite. All her childhood was a whirl of therapists, scientists, doctors, and experiments and all Luna wanted to do was get out. She hated being poked and prodded around and she hated being talked about by the other girls. She despised everything; her neighborhood, her family, the prep school she went to, and how everyone expected her to do something. Luna ran away from home and decided what she actually wanted to do. She wanted to be a contortionist at The Midnight Sun, where everyone embraced being weird. Luna Marie is the new girl at the festival, but get ready because this is only her beginning.

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