This is important. I'm very upset and feeling protesty right now.

The audacity of certain comments I have seen for people to bike to work today is good example why people in the bay area make me want to punch them. One person was suggesting that biking wouldn't be that hard, to which a person commuting from the East Bay to San Francsico noted that, for someone who finds it terrifying or difficult to bike, that would be near impossible. I was without a car last week and was biking to work around the corner from my house. That's doable. But, biking across Dumbarton Bridge at 5 am, to get to a caltrain station, then to ride the train for an hour into the city, then bike or bus to their destination would be time consuming, exhausting, and ridiculous. The poor east bay commuter kept trying to explain this to bicyclist, but the byciclist kept noting 'but it's not /impossible/' as if they have experience with such a commute. Imagine if you did this 5 days a week? Meanwhile traffic is obscene levels of congested that I am not even going to attempt that. 
This is proof that BART is 100% evil if they wish to f*ck the Bay Area like this on a Monday. Because they want more money.
I want to eat their filthy carcasses.
If I want to get to school tomorrow or Wed I might have to take Caltrain, which fortunately for me is near my house, but Caltrain has one stop on the opposite side of the city and I don't understand buses at all because I am suburbanite.
I mean, maybe it's my fault I enrolled in City College of SF rather than the more local City San Mateo or Foothill junior colleges, but on the other hand, eat me.
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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Oh my god I am so sorry :/
BART fcking sucks.

Wrote three years ago
Great look! so stylish!

Wrote three years ago
@noceurs @dorian-is-the-walrus
What makes me angrier is that I'm supposed to be a good bay area liberal and support these guys because they aren't getting benefits--that apparently they are getting? The whole reasons for striking seam really confusing. Those sympathetic seem to think they're demanding for safer work conditions, but all negotiation updates are regarding pay raises, which I am extremely unsympathetic towards considering I give them most of my own measly pay check to get a degree that in hopes of someday my pay check will be less measly and pay raises will involve higher fares.
I'm also mad at these two dicks on tumblr who unfollowed me probably because I ranted today. So I'm ranting here because you guys like me [?] and it makes me feel better.
Tomorrow is supposed to be the same deal.


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