hola amor (:

not sure how i feel about this set. thoughts?

because I have nothing to say, I want to tell you all about my day yesterday because it was a rather good day & that doesn't happen often, so yeah

First of all, my mom signed me, my grandma, grandaunt & herself up for a 'True Beauty' seminar that is about as fun as watching paint dry. It lasts SIX Saturdays, from 9am to 11am and it has a different main theme each week. So I went to that, even though I strongly refused to.

Then we went to a little Argentinean restaurant that was so delicious♥ But because I ate a lot of meat it made me feel bad afterwards. I've been feeling bad after I eat meat lately, so I think I might become vegetarian.

Then my grandaunt & stepfather left early, while my mom, grandma, baby brother & I went shopping.(:
My mother bought me a silver cross necklace because she lost mine, and I absolutely love the new one♡

We bought some other stuff, including turtle food for my cousin's blind turtle. & then bought ice cream at McDonald's.♡
- While we were eating the ice cream, my baby brother tried to take off running because he can walk now & is constantly trying to run off to who knows where, so I had to "chase" after him (he's small and can't run without falling every 5 seconds so technically I wasn't chasing him, I was just walking behind him).

then we left the mall & went to my grandma's house. 
I also finished reading The Fault In Our Stars. 
My life will never be the same.

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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
This set is sooo beautiful!
And your weekend sounded way much better than mine... I slept the WHOLE saturday! I went to english course at 8 AM and came back home at 10 and I slept from 10:15(ish) to 8 PM(ish) (I think it was 7:45, or something). I love to sleep but I've wasted a whole day! but...
AND VALE I NEED TO SHARE SOMETHING WITH YOU! It's not really important like "OMG, GUESS WHERE I AM NOW? I'M IN THE TARDIS!" or something, but I just read that your mom bought you a necklace and I remembered that my mom bought me a TARDIS MUG! *o* And I remembered of you, 'cause... well, it's obvious, I remembered of you because we both love DW. so, yeah... lol
P.S: sorry if you got tired of reading this, I know I talk too much... It's just that, sometimes, most times, all the time, I can't help myself. lol

Wrote three years ago
So beautiful ♥

Wrote three years ago
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