Wammy’s RP

Fixing, fixing, fixing, fixing!

"Hey kid, aren’t you good at fixing things?” The tall guy with the striped shirt came up to me. Matt, I think?
“Yes I am.” I said, adjusting my jacket.
“Can you fix this?” He said, handing me a Gameboy Advance.
“That I can. What happened?” 
“That hole over there broke it.” He said, pointing at that tall blonde chick who hits people a lot. She’s kinda hot.
“Oh okay. When do you need it done?” I asked looking away from the girl’s direction quickly.
“As soon as possible… Thanks.” He said, tipping an imaginary hat.

I switched it on… Started the game… ah, the graphics were crappy. Easy, easy. I slumped down and started to fix the manual graphics that you could on the console.

Friday slid down the banister of the stairs. 
“Having fun, Fry?” 
“Having the-OOHF--TIME-OF-MY-LIFE-MIKE-OHHF.” He squealed, hitting his crotch at the end, then slumped off the side, and hit the ground.

“Isn’t that Matt’s?” Total came up to me. 
“Correct,” I said, a grin running across my face. Attention is nice. “He asked me to fix it. Apparently that blonde girl broke it.” 

“Ciel broke Matt's game?” T said, surprised. 
I shook my head, “The other blonde girl.” 
T looked around, then burst out laughing. 

“What?” What is she talking about?!? “What is it?”
Everyone came over, then T explained.

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God! Oh my God! 

I hung my head, and realized that I thought…. Wow.
I was fixing the game in my room, when Friday burst in my room, with a keyboard strapped over his shoulder. He was playing a mad blues tune.

“Hey Mike! Come on! You’ve been working on that long enough!” He said. I turned my head, and he had a holster belt around his waist, holding cans of silly string.
“Fine! Let’s goooo!!” 
“Muahahahah! Let’s own these grounds.” Friday says, whipping out a can of the string.

Uh. Well. So we stringed the entire mansion.

Aaand… we were busted…. Aaand, Mr. Watari made us do dishes and do garden work. 

“HA! You guys are so weird!” Ciel said, giving me a noogie, as I was slaving over the sink.
“Yes, I know.” Fry said, wrapping his arm around Ciel’s waist with a wet sponge in his hand, getting her shirt wet. What does he think he’s doing? Gah, I wish I had that confidence to touch Ciel… 
“Don’t touch me, Friday! Guh-ross!” She pushed him away. She also saw that her shirt was now see through, and smacked him hard across the face.

“Don’t take him so seriously, Ciel! He’s just a lonely 16 year old!” I said, nervously chuckling.
“It’s a lot of things, Mike!” she said, pulling me in for a hug. “Gah, you’re so cute!” 

Gah, only if she liked me the way I like her. 


Part 12 

“Squeaky better be careful! Some people here in France are wackjobs!” Ophelia said. 
“I agree. Different country, different customs. Hey Op, do your sisters still have the same schedule as they always did, prior to your knowledge?” I said, thumbing through the scattered notes. 

“Uh, get up around 7, clean the house and get ready for school.. The bus comes at 8, school starts at 8:30... They get out of school at 3 and walk to the grocery store. That takes about 10 minutes… then my aunt picks them up from the store at 4.… that‘s the way it should still be…” she said… unsure. 

“Hm. Okay.” I dialed their old house phone. It was 5:30 at night, meaning that the family should be there.

“Bon jour?” This lady had a poor French accent. She didn’t know French very well.
I covered the microphone with my hand, and looked over to Op, “Do your sisters speak English?” 

“No.” Aha! Strike one. I scribbled that on my notes sheet.

“Excuse me?” I said, being mature.
“Hm? What do you want?” She was trying to answer in half French, knowing some one this mature on the phone isn’t a good sign.
 “Is this the owner of the Antoinette residence?” I said, reading the things I needed to know off of my list.
“Yes it is, can I know who’s speaking?” She had such poor verbal conduct. She really needs to read a book. I can tell.

“This is E. I am investigating the case that involves the custody of your two nieces. Can I ask you a few questions?” 
“Ah, yes! But we are about to sit down and have dinner! Can we do this another time? Oh, excuse me for just a second.” She put me on hold with out another word. She’s an IDIOT.

Just then, Squeaky walked in, and she had a dozen roses in her hand. 
“Hey! What‘s going on? Who‘s she talking to?” She whispered to Op. 
“My aunt. Schooling her in phone conduct.” Op giggled. 
“Score!” I looked over and she drew, “10 points” in the air.
I gave her a thumbs up. 

“Ah, hello?” she said, a little hoarse. Damn, a scream-out.
“Ms. Jonette. I am to tell you that the court case is scheduled for Sunday, next week. That’s four days from now. I am sure that you already know this?”

“Uhm, yes, who do you think you are?” 
I ignored her rude question.
“Ma’am. I see that you’ve just had a previous run-in with the law. About 2 hours ago.” I looked at the files on the computer, France cases, of the past 24 hours. I had this access, thanks to my Black card. 

“Hm? Yes, but that was a misunderstanding!” she was slurring her words. Drunk. Of course.

“Was it? Ms. Jonette, I will also have you know that I am recording this phone conversation. And your run-in with the law was Driving While Intoxicated, and you had two minors in your car. That makes you a felon Ms.” 
Ha. Just this run-in with the law could put the children in Wammy’s possesion.

“What is the name of the organization who is trying to get a hold of my nieces?” She said with a hiccup, and a sound of bubbles in a glass bottle. She was drinking, ON THE PHONE.

I looked over at Op with this look: This lady is an IDIOT.

“I am not to repeat that information, for you should already know that. I believe I am done questioning you here. Good night to you, Ms. Jonette.” 
I hung up. 

I looked at Op. 

“How in the hell did you ever put up with that horrid monster?!” I said, hopping up to give her a huge pitty hug.

“Exactly.” she said with a nod.
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Wrote 7 years ago
it's okay! i understand!

Wrote 7 years ago
IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay, well i'm in a play and we're REALLY close to Opening, so most of this week and ALL of next week we'll be having rehearsals from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm.
and also weekend rehearsals.
so i prolly won't be able to get another T RP in until maybe the weekend (PERHAPS).
if i have enough extra time tomorrow i'll try for tomorrow,
but please don't get mad if it takes until Saturday night or something!!

Wrote 7 years ago
Your turn Wowo-chan~!! ^__^

Wrote 7 years ago
whose turn nao???



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