Name: Milly Hawkens
Age: 22
Job Position: Assistant to the Editor in Chief.
Looks: Megan Fox
Signature Item: red lipstick
Phone: Blackberry Curve
Boyfriend: same reason as Pilar.
Fact: super bossy.

1. Milly Hawkins 2. Solone 3. Tahlia Hudgens

Milly Hawkens is a funny, silly, outgoing girl once you get to know her. If you don't know her, she can come off as bossy, stubborn, and annoying. She loves shopping, spending time with close friends, partying, causing trouble, and basically having a good time. 

Milly is very dedicated to her work and doesn't really have time for a boyfriend. But don't think for a second she doesn't like flirting with hot guys.


"Fashionably Late"

Shit, shit, shit, I thought as I struggled to pull my heels on. You're gonna be late, you irresponsible fool. And just because you had to have that extra half hour of sleep, your boss is going to fire you and you won't have a job and you won't be able to pay the bills and the landlord will kick you out of your apartment and you'll become a hobo. Great job, Milly. Twenty two years old and you've already ruined your life.
I was snapped out of my thoughts when I banged my head on the roof of my black Audi.
"OW! Goddammit, you stupid car!"
I fixed my now crooked sunglasses and threw my Chloe bag in the passenger seat. I clutched the wheel with tense fingers. I could never relax on my first day at a job in the first place and now I had to rush to get there on time. I checked my make-up in the rear-view mirror quickly before I turned the engine on and pulled out of the apartment complex's parking lot. I tried to drive as fast as I could without getting a ticket, which, unfortunately for me, wasn't very fast. I took deep, slow breaths to calm myself down so I wouldn't hyperventilate or anything.
I shrieked in surprise and slammed my foot on the brakes. I really have to remember to change that damn ringtone. The car behind me beeped loudly and the guy in it started yelling angrily.
"SCREW YOU, MAN!" I shouted.
I took my foot off the brake and placed it back on the accelerator and started driving again. Keeping my eyes on the road, I dug around in my handbag for my Blackberry Curve. It stopped vibrating madly as soon as I pressed 'answer'.
"Hello?" I snapped.
"Hey, babe," some guy with a weird, deep voice said.
I rolled my eyes. "You're an idiot, Angie."
There was a dorky giggle on the other side of the line.
"How'd you know it was me?" my childhood friend Evangeline said.
"Caller I.D., stupid."
"Oh," she said, sounding bummed out. I could imagine her pouting. "Why do you sound so grumpy, Mills?"
"I’m grumpy because I'm about to be late for my first day of work at La Belle Vie."
"Oooh! I've heard of that place! Are you nervous?"
I rolled my eyes. It's like she forgot she's known me since forever.
"No, not in the least," I said in a dry tone.
"Really? I thought you'd be -"
She suddenly burst into a fit of giggles. I waited a few moments while she snorted in laughter.

type ‘vampire weekend is bangin’ if you read this whole thing

"Why are you laughing?"
"Because *gasp* I just called *snort* to piss you off!"
"You know, you are such a little -"
"Oh, would you look at the time! Well, you probably are, since you're late and stuff."
"I'm trying really hard right now not to go to your house and stab you."
"Haha, I'm not scared of you! Anyway, hope your boss doesn't go all batshit-crazy on you and fire you on your first day. But if she does, make sure you call me and tell me allllll about it!"
She hangs up before I can yell at her some more. Yeah, she’s pretty good at pissing me off.
I throw my phone back into my bag and turn into La Belle Vie's parking lot. The building is huge and white with ‘La Belle Vie’ written in bold, black letters on the top left of the side. It looks like the kind of place big stuff happens. The kind of place where I’d want to be.
I glance at the time. 8:45. Exactly fifteen minutes late. Crap.
I grab my bag from the passenger seat and step out of my car. I look at my reflection in the car window and straighten my clothes and hair out. Then I see the friggin toothpaste stain on my shirt.
"Arghhhh," I groan and let my head fall back. "What does God have against me?"
I mouth "Why?" to the sky but don't receive an acceptable answer. I sigh and set my long black hair so it covers the stain.
I'm ready, I decide. Or at least I think I'm ready. That's good enough for me.
Taking long, steady strides, I walk confidently into the large building. My mouth drops opens at the sight of the interior. The place is pretty freakin awesome. There are beautiful, creatively designed blown- up magazine covers all over the white walls. Cool, black modern furniture is laid out methodically around the entire reception area. Sitting on the couches are models with striking features, chattering excitedly and waiting for a chance to get booked.
“Um, Miss? Can I help you?”
I look to my right and see a brown-haired boy sitting at the reception desk. His eyes light up as he recognizes me.
"Milly Hawkens, right?" he smiles.
My mouth is still agape. I quickly close it. "Um...yeah." Where are my brains today?
"Just a moment," he says and presses a button on his telephone. "Hi, Pilar?" he says into his headset. "Yes, could you come over to reception area? The new assistant's here."
He presses another button on his telephone then smiles again. He has perfect white teeth and kind eyes.
"Welcome to La Belle Vie!" he says grandly as he gets up from his chair and walks around his desk to approach me. "I'm Ian. I really hope you enjoy working here as much the girls and I do, there's really nothing quite like it."
I look at him oddly. Before I can ask what he means by 'there's really nothing quite like it', a girl with light brown hair and blue eyes runs up to us.
She's a bit breathless as she smiles sweetly and holds her hand out to me.
"Hi, I'm Pilar, Pilar Andrews, Lawryn's other assistant."
I look at blankly for a few moments, then grab it and shake it when I realize what I'm supposed to do with it. Geez, does this place make me dumb or something?
"It's nice to meet you, Pilar" I smile, getting something right.
"Come along with me, I'll show you to Lawryn's office."
"Okay. Bye Ian."
He waves at us and goes back to his place behind the receptionist's desk.
I follow Pilar across the reception area and into a long hallway filled with elevators. She presses the up button for the one closest to us and the door immediately slides open. While we ride the elevator to the fifth floor, she gives me a quick overview of what things are like in La Belle Vie and the names and short descriptions of the directors, editors, models, and gossip columnist.
I nod my head and try to absorb the information as much as I can without pulling out my Blackberry and making notes.
Ding. The elevator stops moving and the doors slide open. She leads me past a Starbucks (how cool is that?) and a large conference room that looks like it belongs in the White House.
When we get to Lawryn's office, Pilar wishes me good luck and waves before making her way back to the elevators. I knock on Lawryn's office door.
"Come in," she calls.
I take deep breath and open the door. I step inside and have to fight the urge to laugh very hard. Very, very hard.
Blame it on the boobs. Okay, I know I'm immature but I have a reason. Her implants are really ridiculous. Like laugh out loud ridiculous. 
"Good morning. Please, have a seat."
'Thanks, but I can just buy my own' says the stupid voice in the back of my head.
"Good morning, Mrs. Bosworth,” I smile brightly as I sit down.
Then I do a little gasp and stare pointedly at her white fringed Louboutins. “Wow! I love your shoes!"
 I figure that if I flatter her, maybe she won't grill me for being late on the first day.
"Oh, thank you honey!" she says.
"But you complimenting me won't magically make me forget the fact that you're late."
Damn. I guess the building’s Dumb Magic only works on me.
"I apologize for that, Mrs. Bosworth. I'm very rarely late for anything. I understand I probably made a bad first impression," I say in my best professional voice.
"Yes, you did."
Ouch. I actually cringe. Talk about not beating around the bush.
"Look, I really am sorry. But I am a hard-worker and I can prove to you that you won't regret hiring me."
I give her this hopeful smile. She gives me a doubtful look. Damn it. Damn it all.
And then, because I'm immature, I sometimes say immature things.
"Really, Mrs. Bosworth. You just show me the work and I'll get it done, better than you ever would've imagined possible. And before you know it, I'll be one of your breast - BEST! Uh, heh, best workers. Heh."
Yes, it's official. This place does make me dumb....ah, who am I kidding. I'm already pretty dumb.
"...right." She still looks a bit doubtful. Probably because she caught the 'breast' thing. Honestly? FML.
"Fine. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since I don't know you very well. I'm going to give you only ONE chance. If you screw that up, then you're out, so be careful."
She narrows her eyes and leans closer and suddenly her pretty face is very scary. My eyes widen and I swallow hard. I'm so scared I don't even notice her twins practically spilling out of her blouse.
"And believe me, Milly Hawkens. If you screw up? I will know."


i keep changing tenses. have to fix that. so how was my first story thingy? i agree that its long but oh well.
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