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R U MINE?-Arctic Monkeys

it's 2014 and i'm:

i am sad.
this song makes me happy. i need this song to make me happy. i need things to make me happy.

regional orchestra wasn't fun but it was pretty good musically and pretty uneventful socially #thirdyearinarow #istillhateit #sorrynotsorry 

i'm so behind on my groups, like, sorry. these next two weeks are nasty because of midterms so i'll be all over the place, but i'll try to keep up with my writing. and there's still track, confirmation, orchestra, school, people, ack.

i want to be daria morgendorffer, pls. #dariaismyspiritanimal

*I will have an Ivy Girls set up tomorrow/soon/maybe later tonight
**future collab with my fave @sky-rocketer

"12th, Sunday. 2014- students of V.H. are going to coconut cove to end the week with a huge bon fire, roast marshmallows and cuddle with {maybe} a future romance, or just hang out with your girls and make fun of the girls falling for crazy boys (mandatory}"

i'll include 2 more people so feel free to comment :)
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