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You know this feeling when your bias starts to act like j.erk and you are super furious and want to punch him in the face?

I've started watching 'Romantic&Idol' season 2, mostly for Jonghun becuase I know how charming he can be on 'dating ' shows.

But he disappointed me so much; he was on date with; and later he met Yewon and MInhyuk - and the way he stared at Minhyuk and Yewon made me want to punch him so much -.- He was so jealous - he wanted to be paired with Yewon 'because she is cute'; and the look he gave poor Minhyuk -.- I don't know, there was something in his body language that made me mad at Jonghun - and I felt so sorry for!

Okay, that was just first episode, so I'm not going to judge anyone - I give you Jonghun second chance to prove you're not a j.erk, okay?

Also, Minhyuk form BtoB is just so cute. If I were in thaht show I would pick him instead of my long time bias Jonghun! (the power of cute guys!)

Also Yewon from Jewelry is amazing; I don't know why but I used to dislike all girls from Jewelry for no reason. Yewon is so cute, but at the same time she's such a flirt, and knows how to attract boys:) 

Also I feel like Kevin from ZE:A boring. I think this show would need either a dork or super shy but still adorable guy. I would go for a dork, since it has master player Jonghun and clumsy cute Minhyuk, so dork between them would be great addition. 

Thinking about it again, maybe Jonghun is acting kind like a j.erk, trying to steal girl from someone else [and rejecting -.-] but at the same time he creates drama, and without drama it would be boring...I sense good script here:P

Okay, I got a bit to emotional about this but it's middle of the night and I needed break from studying:P

So, in conclusion


[and on side note I realized today how old Simon is..I mean he was born in 1986 which makes him 4 years older than me - and I don't know why but I like younger - or my age - guys more:P It's okay Simon, you're still my number one^^]
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