mini-Polyvore: WorkWear - (CONTEST)

CONTEST: mini-Polyvore: WorkWear.
Thank you very much to all for your collaboration
I have really enjoyed your proposals, and readers of the blog will like more.
I loved playing in the color contrast of the pieces chosen by @nahed-samer, the small number @pretty-girl-in-fashion, the framing and choice of red shoes @eraining, romance of @kitkat12287, clothing chosen by @heather-peace, warmth in choosing @exaybachay, contrasts in the combination of @francescacacace, and the delicious combination green / pink handbag / shoes by @hamaly
A million thanks to all.
All your sets will publish on the BLOG:, as on other occasions,All sets are a great example to help readers to encourage them to make their own combinations. And I appreciate your collaboration to complement the post.
Thank you again and I hope you feel encouraged to participate in the next proposal.
Best regards,
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