I have been into less interest in this site.
not trying to let my new idea come out anymore,actually i have lots of new ideas pls state me as selfish acts, idw imitators steal it again accordingly imitators does better than me.
i never check feature page or top sets often like age ago i ever been on that section.
i talking about this coz i have found another one again with frame account totally no difference from mine.
it's late to found when that account already frame by PV.

..maybe i stay here long time enough.
my vision grow old,i'm strict with i will never grab anyone idea what if i do i will PM that account or tag under my set i have been inspiring by her.
but i still never do that.i wish i could do that without shame but hard to showing how to disrespect to anyone.

2015 already and something never change.
in opposite much more than before.
it's really disappointed me many accounts steal my ideas ,raid closet yes i found it regular on my activities and remake them 3/4 look alike get top sets,get feature and here i am nothing.

My PV friends do you still recognized my sets these days?

I questioning with whatsoever about my page?

Maybe just maybe PV prefer another look alike?

@sue-mes Maybe i should fade away like you.

#personalstyle #MyStyle #minimalism 
#acne #grey 

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