Minnie Mouse Outfit Sets

Feeling inspired? Create an outfit
Find thousands of Minnie Mouse-inspired outfits on Polyvore. Who says style inspiration has to come from people? If your fashion sense comes from the house that Disney built, embrace it! These looks aren’t just for DIY costumes either--you can wear clothes that are reminiscent of Minnie Mouse any day, any season.

The iconic red dress with white polka dots gets the grown-up treatment with tailored silhouettes. Don’t fret if you’re a purist, because retro dresses are still going strong in halter and strapless versions. Bows are a fun, subtle nod to Minnie from bow jewelry to shoes. For a literal use of the Minnie trend, sport graphic sweaters and tees featuring the legendary mouse herself. If you want to “get the look”, from ear to toe, grab the red and white polka dotted dress, affix matching bow atop your head and finish off the costume with yellow pumps. Browse the Polyvore community’s ladylike Minnie Mouse outfits to see what Couture de Minnie is all about.