Couple names!

I was tagged by @maybones in her awesome set:

1. Pick a Korean guy with whom you like to date
2. write down in the description a possible name for your couple 
3. Tag others...

I tag:

Our couple name would be Minsu (or Minsoo). Why? Because my real name would sound awful so I use the English version (Suzy) or the Korean which would be Sooji I guess xD

And yes I ship myself with almost every Exo member :P *just kidding* But I really like Minseok ^^ He is cute and funny and except Luhan he is my only "oppa". Even we are the same age he is an early 90' so I guess I could call him oppa :D But it would be weird because he looks younger than me so...ah...idk :P

Oh and one thing...if one more time i'll read that he is fat I am seriously going to turn into a serial killer and hunt down every person who called him fat! HOW IS HE FAT? HOW? If he is fat then I am a giant whale! No...seriously! Only his face is round but he is not fat! Just look at today pictures where he is wearing a t-shirt and a short:

I guess Luhan should stop with the Baozi joke was fun for the first and maybe second time and maybe its cute when they are alone but you can tell that Minseok doesn't really like it when Luhan calls him Baozi at interviews :/
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