I was tagged by @sophiesb a long time ago... I'm sorry that it took me so long!

- Make a set of any kind.
- In the description, include 10 things that you are obsessed with at the moment, or that you're really interested in.
- Tag me so I can see it, and then tag five other people.
Me and my ten obsessions:

1) Disney. I've been obsessed with Disney since I was, like... 5 years old?! Haha... I love all things Disney: movies, characters, parks, everything! :))
2) New Fantasyland. Ok, I've already mentioned that I have a huge obsession with Disney, but I have to create a topic just for New Fantasyland, the newest Disney park! I really, really need to go there! I mean... you can visit the Beast's castle from Beauty and the Beast and also visit Prince Eric's palace... it's a dream!!!
3) Italy. Since I've watched Letters to Juliet, I long to visit romantic places in Italy, such as Verona and Siena.
4) Talking about movies, my three obsessions are: Peter Pan, A Cinderella Story and Letters to Juliet.
5) Chocolate. Nedless to explain why, huh?!
6) Pancakes. It's my all-time fav food! =9
7) Reading. I really enjoy reading, it's one of my fav ways of spending my free time! 
8) Alex Flinn. Talking about reading, I'm current obsessed with Alex Flinn's modern-fairytales books, such as Beastly.
9) Taylor Swift. She's my fav singer at the moment, and I wish I could have a wardrobe like hers! Haha...
10) Polyvore. Well, I'm on vacation, and I have to say that Poly is a great way of spending time when you have nothing to do! Haha...

Now I tag: @allweknowisfalling, @licamolesi, @purple-butterfly-polyvore-com, @mari-moon and @mimi929!

If you accept tags, enjoy! If you don't, I'm sorry! Haha...
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