5 Minutes With Accessories Designer Jill Golden

It’s not every day that a designer rolls out a socially conscious collection, but for New York-based jeweler Jill Golden, she knew it was something she needed to do. “I really wanted to do a fair labor/fair trade project, something that gave back,” she says of her Spring 2013 project with nonprofit Indego Africa. Her just-launched ISARO line took her to Rwanda, where, with the collaborative efforts of local women artisans, she assembled a vibrant, Turkish-inspired collection of handwoven beaded necklaces and bracelets.
We were fortunate enough to catch up with the designer and talk about the inspiration behind this season’s color palette, and what it was like to partner with such an exciting social enterprise.
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    "Tell us how your aesthetic changes each season? "As Jill Golden Jewels evolves each season, I continually source new materials and incorporate them with signature metal castings and woven leather chains."" — polyvore-editorial
  • Travel Diary Rwanda
    "ISARO Spring 2013 is hitting stores now. Tell us about the vision behind it: "I was inspired by my trip to the Bodrum Peninsula in Turkey. It is an amazingly beautiful set of coastal resort towns built into the Agean seaside."" — polyvore-editorial
  • Travel Diary Rwanda
    ""I wanted to do a fair trade project and connected with Indego Africa; they work solely in Rwanda and all of their money goes back to training and educating women in the co-ops."" — polyvore-editorial
  • Travel Diary Rwanda
    ""I sent a loom and instructions. The women loved it. They picked it up right away and sent me back samples that were great."" — polyvore-editorial
  • Travel Diary Rwanda
    "You eventually went to Rwanda to complete the project. What was that like? "In January I took my first trip to Rwanda. The women are incredible, hard workers and so skilled."" — polyvore-editorial
  • It_Girl
    "What's your favorite piece from the line? "The 'It Girl' necklace is the perfect combination of bright colors, sparkly rhinestones, graphic patterns and edgy spikes. Every time I make one for myself, it gets bought out from under me!"" — polyvore-editorial
  • Bounce
    "Let’s talk about your own personal fashion musts, do you have any favorite designers or trends right now? "I think this is the season I am finally splurging for the PS1 Bag, medium in suede--maybe gold but probably tobacco." — polyvore-editorial
  • Accessories news: Ear Cuff
    "And we'd love to get your thoughts on a big jewelry trend right now, the ear cuff: "I haven’t designed any, but I’ve seen some really cool stuff. It’s making me want to re-pierce some of the holes I have."" — polyvore-editorial


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