5 Minutes With Designer Aviva Falk

Aviva Falk is a Brooklyn-based designer who produces a beautiful collection of pieces under the name @VivaAviva. Her line has even caught the interest of fearless dresser and blogger Leandra Medine of @ManRepeller!
Click through to find out how Aviva got her start and what trends she has her eyes on this spring!
    "Tell us about your first fashion job as an intern at Diane von Furstenberg.
    "Diane's one of those women that people adore. I remember being there and thinking, ‘Wow, I really hope one day I have this many people that love the way I make them feel."" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Everyone needs a ...... Cape Dress!
    "So even as an intern, you knew you wanted to be a designer?
    "I grew up with four beautiful sisters, I felt like the boring one. Clothes made me feel great about myself so I knew I wanted to make things that made people feel pretty and confident."" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Magnolia/ Calla
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "And where did you develop your silhouettes?
    "All my sisters are curvy and I'm so jealous -- my body is straight up and down. I needed to give myself shape and structure. I like making shapes where they don’t exist."" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Flower pink
    "Do you have a favorite piece from Spring/Summer '13?
    "I love the Dahlia dress. I think that big ruffle is so flattering. I don't have a perfect body and I make clothes that will be flattering on me and my friends."" — @polyvore-editorial
  • Interrupting Regular Programming
    More info
    "Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller wears a lot of your designs. What makes her a good fit for your brand?
    "I've always loved her and her style is so great. She wears things that delight her soul. She is such a cool chick."" — @polyvore-editorial
  • dunk sky high - 09.01.
    "What's one item you want to buy this season?
    "I really want a pair of wedge Nike Dunks."" — @polyvore-editorial


Wrote two years ago
love it

Wrote two years ago
fantastic silhouettes!

Wrote two years ago
The quality of Viva Aviva products are amazing, I have seen them first hand!!! Amazing designer and an even more amazing person!!! I previously partnered with her brand for a business venture and she was refreshingly pleasant and professional! Can't say enough about her.

Wrote two years ago
amazing, the pink dress is wow

Wrote two years ago
LOVE the cape dress!

Wrote two years ago
amazing! love that pink dress!

Wrote two years ago
I love to wear short dresses or skirts and show my legs

Wrote two years ago


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