5 Minutes With Eco-Friendly Brand Feral Childe

Bicoastal fashion label Feral Childe knows a thing or two about producing eco-friendly clothing -- designers Alice Wu and Moriah Carlson started using reclaimed materials and leftover fabrics more than a decade ago!
Focused on creating sustainable, sophisticated and wearable clothing, their current spring line is perfect for the adventurous spirit that appreciates a little structure, too.
Click through to learn more about their styles and design practices.
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  • 5 Minutes with Eco-Friendly Brand Feral Childe
    "Where does the name Feral Childe come from? “There’s a character with a boomerang in the film Mad Max, “the feral kid,” who we really related to. Feral means wild and untamed, and the “e” in Childe adds that old-timey, fairytale touch.”" — polyvore-editorial
  • Travel
    "Who is the typical Feral Childe client? “Our collection was created for women on the move. We believe in designing clothes that you can wear day to night, year-round, season after season.”" — polyvore-editorial
  • Spade Skirt
    "Tell us about your sustainable practices. “We wanted to manufacture clothing as responsibly as possible. Any company claiming to be eco-friendly still has a long way to go. Organic fabric is just the beginning."" — polyvore-editorial
  • Eco friendly
    "What is the biggest reward of being eco-friendly? “Environmentally-conscious materials are often supplied by individuals with great integrity, and who are on a mission to make the fashion industry better."" — polyvore-editorial
  • Blazers and Shorts
    "Tell us a bit about one of your popular separates. “We have tweaked our blazer fit over many seasons, and our customers know they can always find a new blazer variation to update their wardrobes with each season.”" — polyvore-editorial
  • Feral Childe Jumpuit
    "What is your favorite look for spring? “Jumpsuits always look so cool – you’re tough and sleek at the same time!”" — polyvore-editorial


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This is gorgeous!

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Wow! Thanks for including my set! I'm honored. :)

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Good to know another Eco-friendly brand!!