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Don't forget to enter contest dedicated to one of my fave maknaes, Minzy:

I even made a collection with her pictures for you:

I love that Minzy's hairstyle; and I want to cut my hair like this so badly - but I think it works well on Asian girls, with completely straight hair. After all I once attempted to cut my hair like Minzy's and I ended up looking like Lady Gaga after week of constant parties.

I want Mizny to release solo album - or duet album...Can you imagine female GD&TOP - Minzy&CL? omo...that would be..too perfect to be reality *I see rainbows, and unicorns, I want CL&Minzy to release another track together!*

And completely random comment: when someone asked me how I want to call my *future* child(ren) I said 'Minzy or ChaeRin',
obviously I can't name a child like this in Poland, where female names must end with 'a' *but who said I'll live in Poland forever?*
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