good girls go bad - cobra starship


NAME: Lillian Cornelia Lancaster
AGE: 20
SONG: good girls go bad - cobra starships
LIKES: going out, short dresses, high heels, eye liner, vodka, one night stands, bad boys, clandestine clubs, London city, foreign accents, pretending to be someone else, tattoos.
DISLIKES: pastel colors, pretending to be who she is not, flat shoes, her family, studying law, her full name, hiding, tabloids, meat, nude makeup, events organized by her mother, people who worry too much.
BIO: If you meet Lilian any normal day of the week, you might think she is the perfect girl. How she talks, how she dress, even how she moves, show the image of an elegant and proper women. Oh, how wrong you would be. She is nothing like that, it is just a façade, deep inside her is her demonic soul, that comes out as the night falls. She dresses up and chooses a new name and goes out to get wild and forget. In her daily life, she loves doing tiny things that show her rebel side and she secretly wishes her mother would see the numerous tattoos she has hidden under her clothes. How much will she be able to hold these kind of live? Nobody knows and only time will tell. 
MODEL: karlie kloss
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