name: Lauren 'Lo' Taylor
bio: Lauren is nice, caring, and would do anything for her friends. She's been through a lot in the last couple of years. Her long time beau died in a boating accident about two years ago. And to make matters even worse her Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer around the same time. Thankfully, the cancer is gone, for now. And she's content for right now. Lo has an older brother who's in college, she misses him a lot. He always took care of her. Her Dad is around most of the time, he goes one business trips every couple of months, but stayed when her mom was diagnosed with cancer. She's been hesitant about relationships since her boyfriend died. She never wanted to feel the way she did when the accident happened. Her dad's job, and when her mother had a job, they both payed extremely well so she's pretty wealthy. She works at the zoo, she only deals with baby animals, like seals, bears, koalas. She loves it, but she doesn't want to pursue it as a career. She's planning to go to a great college, and get a major in forensic anthropology. Weird is what most people would say, but her mom was a forensic scientist and she really likes what she does.She loves the water, and things have been a little tough since she became a mermaid. 
how you became a mermaid: Lo became a mermaid after her mom's breast cancer. When she was a kid her mom used to take her to Mako island a lot when she was little. So that's where she went, she was just floating in the water when the moon came overhead and changed her.
power: Hyrdro-Thermokinesis, if not pyrokinese (:

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