Mirabella Elisabeth Fleur du Monte

[♥] Name ;; Mirabella Elisabeth Fleur du Monte
[♥] Age ;; 14
[♥] Appearance ;; Erin Heatherton
[♥] 3 Likes / 3 Dislikes ;;
Caramel Mocha Frappe
Ankle Booties
[♥] Hobbies ;; Modeling, Photography, Swimming, Dancing
[♥] Flaws [problems] ;; Deals with OCD. She pushes herself to be the best at everything and can't take it when she fails.
[♥] Personality ;; Mirabella has a certain aura about her. She's just someone people want to talk to. Maybe it's her looks or the way she just seems to light up the room. But definitely not because she's nice. Nope, Mira's a nasty one. Conceited, Bossy, you name it. She's the queen. She's in charge. Try to take away her crown and see what happens.
[♥] Biography ;; It was a cold, snowy night in Paris. Children crowded the streets awaiting the New Year. It was a festive, joyful night. Valarie Fleur du Monte just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was named Mirabella. She received the best and only the best. She attended the most prestigious schools. Two years ago The Fleur du Monte family moved to New York to see America. Mirabella will be attending Jackson as a student and live on campus
[♥] Family ;;
Vincent Fleur du Monte // Father // 45
Valarie Fleur du Monte // Mother // 36
[♥] House ;; [Please , please leave blank! I shall choose all of your houses!]
[♥] Secret ;; She suffered through bullying as a child and sometimes hears voices in her head
[♥] Additional Information // Active level // Suggestions ;; Um..

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