Mirabelle Lee Harris

Shes a bad 14 year old......:)
  • @anamulvoyten | Liverpool at night #nofilter #hoa
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    "Hi, I'm Mirabelle. Mirabelle Evans. I am 14 years f age, turning 15 soon. I think. But my birthday is Oct.5. I don't have, what do you call it? Smarticle Particals. But hey I'm pretty! I'm also sassy, bitchy, dumb, ditsy, a sweetheart, wild party animal.." — @heyu95
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  • gabriella wilde | Tumblr
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    "My father thinking of me as porcelain. So that made me ambitious and want to do things that my father would disapprove. Which I succeeded every time." — @heyu95
  • that's the price of beauty
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    "I rlly clumsy, like rlly clumsy." — @heyu95
  • @frank_terry | New Work: a few outtakes of Ana.
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    "I injoy my style. I find it intresting." — @heyu95
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  • @dash_ing | This is my child @anamulvoyten
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    "I like sleeping." — @heyu95
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  • .@anamulvoyten | Photo taken by @msan_chez make-up @stephaniemakeup
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    "So, Im dumb, but only smart when it comes to life and when needed. I'm boy crazy, all the time. I don't listen to people, but I listen for impotant things. I am also pretty forgetful, but oh well. I have to many shoes and clothes." — @heyu95
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  • love of melissa's life ana mulvoy ten. <3
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    "Yes, I can play the guitar very well. And people just fall silent when I sing." — @heyu95
  • Ana Mulvoy-Ten Fan
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    "I am very judgemental wen it comes to people. Like now, I'm judging you now, duh. At my other school, I was most popular and I knew a lot of people. I knew like everyone that was in high school in Manhattan. My parties brought like everyone. Well under 25" — @heyu95
    Hello Everyone!This Tumblr Is For Amazing and Beautiful Ana Mulvoy-Ten!My Twitter account is @Anamator ♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Pretty Tumblr Girls
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    "Look its me! I am known as Ms.Perfect. I am Ms.Perfect, well that is the image I give off and I plan to keep it that way. I'm a model for a lot of things, but I don't rememeber. Everyone says I should go on X-factor. Maybe I should." — @heyu95
    goodbye self-esteem
  • love of melissa's life, ana mulvoy ten. <3
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    "I win EVERY competition first place or the hightest rank. Maybe you have seen me in one winning. I have also been on dance shows, but im to young for SYTYCD, but I tried out, loved me, to young. But you will see me somewhere and you will remember who I am" — @heyu95
  • @anamulvoyten | Hanging out on London rooftops
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    "I actually scared of hieghts so idk why i took a picture on top of a building." — @heyu95
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  • anamulvoyten | Tumblr
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    "I look down a lot. My life is nothing but perfect. From my friends and family." — @heyu95
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    "I got this recently cause I think I am strong just like and anchor. But, I have been strong for t long." — @heyu95
  • The Wasted Youth (credit to photographer)
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    "I long for that perfect love. :( But right now, I'm single." — @heyu95
  • †
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    "Nutella=Life :)" — @heyu95
    Smart has the brains, stupid has the stories.
  • lolsexxx
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    "Spanish was my first language even though I was raised in London, but orginally I was born in Spain. I moved to the u.s when I was 7." — @heyu95
  • All Ways Lead To Brooklyn - Brooklyn Bridge NYC I love New York Big apple NYC New York New York the city wall decor Fine Art Print 8x10
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    "I have lived in NYC for some time." — @heyu95
    Traveling in the big city? Living in the big city? Dream big and make your dream come true. Title: All Ways Lead To Brooklyn Size: 8 x 10 4x6, 5x7, 11x14, 16x20, 20x30 available also. Bridge to Brooklyn, run, walk, bike, drive, and .... All ways you can reach it! This print will on Fujicolor crystal archive paper with glossy finished. And signed by me on the back. Thanks for visiting my shop, and I hope you enjoy my photographs. If you
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    "I have a smart-ass attitude." — @heyu95
    Brenden ~ 18 ~ Chicago I reblog cats, attractive people, cute animals, couples, and whatever else i find interesting. talk to me I'm friendly :] I do not take credit for any of these photos. well...
  • I Wish He Was My Boyfriend ♥
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    "I am a princess." — @heyu95
  • ✞stɑnding in the eye of the hurricɑne.
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    "Yes, I like to play golf, so I have a PINK golf cart." — @heyu95
  • For the Home
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    "i would be dead without htis. My parents are EXTREMLY rich. Like 2nd in the U.S or something. I just want the money." — @heyu95
    50 Money Saving Tips
  • sticks and stones won't break my soul.
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    "I had gotten this tattoo with a couple friends, the one in dark colors was 18. Sadly, we were all in a car accident, me being the only survivor. This really broke me, and im still broken. They all helped me grow up, but im lost without them." — @heyu95
  • keep your knees up.
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    "I want this....." — @heyu95
  • tattoo | Tumblr
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    "this, but i am probably getting this soon," — @heyu95
  • finger tattoo | Tumblr
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    "and this" — @heyu95
  • alcohol instagram Tumblr
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    "I may be a bit of a bad influence at times." — @heyu95
    Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • ana mulvoy ten
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    "People think of me as a barbie doll." — @heyu95
  • cartilage piercing | Tumblr
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    "I have this." — @heyu95
  • I'm a princess, mmkay?
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    "And this." — @heyu95
  • Beauty center in Ulan Bator
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    "I hold so many secrets." — @heyu95
  • i only have eyes for you.
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    "I an amazing artist." — @heyu95
  • Photo Gallery 2008 National All Star Cheerleading Championships
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    "I am and amazing cheerleader. Flyer. And Tumbler. Mostly a flyer. My jumps are perfect. I am first in the state. 2nd in the U.S. 2nd Global too :)" — @heyu95
  • Nike Lunar Safari Fuse Women's Shoes - Black, 5.5
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Did I mention I was in track too? I am 1st in the state of NY. I also do Volleyball, 2nd in the state for that. But I hate both, I just started because I was getting bored." — @heyu95
    The Nike Lunar Safari Fuse: Take a run on the wild side The Nike Lunar Safari Fuse Women's Shoe honors Nike Track & Field heritage with bold safari print while offering a supportive, seamless fit and responsive performance. Benefits Hyperfuse upper for durability with an ultra-lightweight fit and feel Lunarlon cushioning for comfortable support Fused overlays with original safari print for heritage-inspired style Outsole flex grooves for flexibility and a smooth, natural ride Low-cut collar at the ankle for comfort and enhanced range of motion Construction The Nike Lunar Safari Fuse features Hyperfuse construction, a groundbreaking process that blends three different layers of material to create a nearly seamless one-piece upper. This creates zones of ventilation, durability and stability, right where you need them. Hyperfuse construction almost completely eliminates stitching for a seamless, lightweight fit and feel. Cushioning In the midsole, ultra-lightweight and springy Lunarlon cushioning adds shock absorption for a soft yet responsive ride. A lightweight carrier houses the Lunarlon midsole for ultra-plush cushioning and support. Additional Details Waffle outsole made with non-marking rubber for enhanced traction BRS 1000 carbon rubber at high-wear zones for durability and traction
  • @anamulvoyten | @msan_chez
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    "And an amazing photographer." — @heyu95
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  • and that's who I am.
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    "well with pro companies, which I have at such a young age :) I am first in the state. 1st in the U.S. 2nd Global :) Dance and music are my life." — @heyu95
  • Fishs Eddy Cotton Math Dishtowel
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    "I'm actually good in math, when I want to be. Well I can do math, I just choose not to." — @heyu95
    Cotton math dishtowel from the Fishs Eddy collection. Cotton dishtowel featuring a novelty maths inspired print on one side and yellow embroidered trim detail. “I love Fishs Eddy so I’m thrilled they are taking up residency in the Dining Room. It’s is all about fun, practical tableware and kitchen accessories, everything is bright and above all useful. My favourite pieces are the stripper glasses and the 'Cheer Up’ collection; they add great humour to any kitchen!” Michelle Alger, Buyer for Home & Gift. Composition: 100% Cotton. Dimensions: L: 50cm, W: 71cm.
  • 11x14 Vintage Anatomy. Brains. Zombie. Science - 002
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    "I am a year ahead in science. I find Science like really easy." — @heyu95
    BRAINS, YUMMY!!!!! Vintage Anatomy Brains: 11x14 This prints comes from a salvaged old anatomy text. The pages have been scanned in, cropped, and retouched to ensure the highest quality reproduction possible. "Brains" is a vintage scientific illustration of the human brains, the top view and the bottom view. This print is digitally printed on high quality heavy card stock with a smooth matte finish. Prints ship in a sturdy non-bendable photo mailer to ensure art is in pristine condition when you receive it. Also available in 18x24 size, see other shop listings. FRAME NOT INCLUDED WATER MARK WILL NOT BE PRINTED ON PURCHASED ART *******DON'T SEE THE SIZE YOU WANT????************* Email me with your size request and i will send you a quote. All prints are available for custom sizes.
  • Cute Couple<3
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    "Me and my best friend. I miss him a lot." — @heyu95
  • love of melissa's life, ana mulvoy ten. <3
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    "Thats me. Maybe you will find out the problems I have with me dad, maybe not. But my cuts, you DONT notice." — @heyu95

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