I'm kind of fade away from polyvore a bit since my page totally turn worst more than i can handle,found out my page got invalid in some where here maybe this site made me as a black hole[sorry this is rude word].I'm always support my following but non-of my following come to my page so often than my following,or just they not see my set,how come?

I think I'm the one as a member who had several problem some problem are come and gone but these are forever with me like error mail,invisible sets,invalid page,can't comment nor faves some member such as @nz-carla and someone too ,disappeared function till now i still don't have promote item show on my editor[i see it on my friend's editor man!! ]I don't have music function too that why i used Youtube instead i love music tho!!

Oh my,thanks for still chosen my set/s to be Top set and gives me views.

I'm not asking for solve my problem ,I did it year ago just say it again made me feels better a bit coz I'm not a lone here right?
Sorry okay for someone who read note like this over 10 times.

My wish for 2013 is *** Give my normal page without those problem please***

Totally awkward when i send mail to ask polyfriend did you sent mail to me coz i'm not see it but invite to join group always show on my mailbox :(
Oh,man I hate to complained i talks about this year ago.. skip it/ I'll on and off again 
Thanks to ppl who such a great support,I'm not deserved over thousand likes tho..

mmmm,not a fresh idea but I've plan to made new collection personal 10 celebrity best dressed.
and this set with Miranda Kerr I'll add this set in my collection in the future.

** The real she wore Coats from Marni,I was changed it.
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