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  • Layering Game
    Do you remember when it was considered an offense to have your shirt hanging out? If you do, then coming to terms with fashions obsession with layering might be hard. Growing up my mother always reminded me to tuck in my shirt when leaving the house and it was such a hassle! I just wanted to be free and less constricted, you know?
  • Into the Woods
    No item description
  • Milan Comfort Zone
    There is a certain level of euphoria that takes over my body each time our plane lands in Milan. Preparing for meetings and seeing new faces is so exciting I find it hard to sit still. So since we immidiately had a fitting right after our arrival I had to change clothes. From my airport look to an outfit that mixes comfort and sophistication, this is what I wore during my first day in Milano.
  • Light and Laid-back
    Back from another wonderful trip to Milan and I couldn’t be happier about a weekend spent in one of my favourite places. I have a deep attachment to that city, not just because of the incredible fashion history, but because it’s a home away from home.
  • EMPIRE STATE OF MIND StyleScrapbook
    Jumper: DIY | Skirt: ZARA | Bag: Proenza Schouler | Shoes: Alexander Wang My agenda has been completely crazy with no time to blog and days of 15 hours of filming, flying from city to city and very little sleep. Its been tough but I am incredibly excited to see the end result when the…