Thought I would try something new and surprisingly I like it. Although I'm unsure whether I am going to keep it or what..

Firstly, I love these photos of Miranda. How can someone be so perfect? Her skin is flawless, her hair is amazing and no matter what she wears she looks like a goddess. Even the places she's at are beautiful. 
And the coolest thing is she went to a high school right near where I live! I just wish I could meet her :/

And I just had to add this polaroid of Ryan Gosling. I probably talk about him too much but OH MY GOSH I wish I was Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. Lucky girl.

I am also now officially obsessed with Birdy's album. Every song is just pure perfection. I have had it on replay for the last few days and it will definitely stay that way. Her voice is like an angel. Gosh, I wish I could sing. 

I also love these shorts. The colour= wowowowow my favourite ever! And the top is gorgeous and so are the shoes. I would definitely wear this outfit. If I say so myself.

Okay, I'm done talking. If you read that all I'm so sorry. 
Thoughts on this layout?
Have a fabulous day! ♥♥♥
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