Miranda Lovina

Name: Miranda Lovina
Age: 17
Looks: (LOOK DOWN)
Likes: (Give me 3 days and I'll come up with something. Haha) Liked Hellcats until they cancelled it
Dislikes: Loud annoying people, people who interrupt her, when she runs out of gas in her car tank, when they cancel her favorite shows
Family: Alisa Lovina, Nash Lovina
Bio: Miranda has always been a misfit using whatever she has to do whatever she wanted and get whatever she wanted. She's always been interested in becoming popular however has no interest in Cheerleading and ect. that girls try to use to become popular also. She believes she can do it by her own means and make a name for herself which is her goal this year..
Preferred House: Alpha or Beta you can choose whatever you see fit
Other: (I will eventually fully finish this! And it'll be awesome!)

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