Miriam Johana Russell, New York Minute ✩

✫ Miriam J. Russell (22)
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
School: Parsons the New School for Design
Career: Employee at Saks 5th Ave; Aspiring Fashion Designer
Likes: clothes, shopping, staying in style, design, her tablet, make-up, heels, boys, spending time with her friends, work, being a good student, trying new styles out, magazines, movies
Dislikes: failing, lacking inspiration, losing things, liars, sneakers, bad fashion, fatty foods, snobby people, not being recognized for her work
Style: Miriam is very fashionable, she is always up in the latest trends. She likes to design her own outfits and hopes to design others someday.
Miriam was raised in Hawaii but she felt like she was going to be trapped if she didn't grow up and move away from there. Hawaii was her home ever since she was 15. But when she was old enough to go to college she chose the Big Apple. Her family was a military family and they always moved around. She went from Colorado to North Carolina to Virginia and then eventually to Hawaii. She's never really had stability but it's something she craves the most. Even though she enjoyed the warm temperature and being able to go to the beach and go surfing and swiming in the Pacific Miriam said she was ready to go all the way across the United States to pursue her dream of being a fashion designer. Miriam is really unique. She's quiet and doesn't really like to take life too seriously. There's so much to her but she's like a puzzle you got to put all the pieces together to try to figure her out. Her blonde hair and hot bod have guys chasing her down the street but she doesn't really want the attention. She's got her eyes focused on her dreams. Guys have tried to distract her from her dreams but she won't take it. She's ambitious and determined. We can only wait and see if she will be veered off course
Model: Erin Heatherton
Taken by: @haute-hippie

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