Really pissed off at the people here in Kansas, saying "Bring on the Twisters", "The Storms are coming, Yay!", "I hope we get Tornadoes!", Its bullshitt, You see all those people on TV, that got their houses, cars, businesses ruined. Over 150 People our DEAD!!! And you all want that??? People like that deserve to have something happen to them, just so they know what it feels like. Just a little something, you know? I know what its like to LOSE EVERYTHING. I went threw a house fire. And ive lost 2 Grandmas within 5 months apart. I dont want to lose people i love, or the things i love. And i know the people that are saying them things dont either. But its the point of it.. It makes me go mad. I feel bad for Missouri. Theres been so many Tornadoes there the last 3 days. And thats really close to me.
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