Hey everyone!! This is my latest set/story! Just recently, I've been reading @laughwhilecrying's stories. She's a truly good write!! So please read her stories!! I've been inspired to write my own Harry Potter story and I hope all of you guys like it! Plus i worked really hard on the story so I hope you guys like it!! I've been busy with alot of work lately b/c my teachers tend to gve alotta hw before Christmas break and shuffle it all before winter break. *Sighs* Anyhoo my dear lovelies, please enjoy my nice little Harry Potter story!

//Name:Claire Hawkins
Age: 16
What you are: wizard 
Type: Half-Blood 
Small bio: Parents died at an early age, only family left are her grandparents 
Where you live: Hogwarts

I woke up to the displeasant sound of Snape’s unpleasant voice that had an anger tone to it. He was teaching Potions class at the time. He rushed towards my desk within an instant and grabbed me by the collars….”Wake up…..you….bumbling girl…” he snarled. He propped me up to his height while clutching my collar on my uniform. At that point, I woke up and was petrified. The first thing I saw when I woke up was the unhappy face of Severus Snape. How……..mortifying right?

I gulped… He studied my face for a while and looked me straight in the eye. “Never….fall asleep in Potions class…” he snarled. I avoided making eye contact with his dark, mysterious black eyes…it was as if they had no pure soul just looking at them. Merlin, if I had to look Snape in the eye, I just may as well die. He glared at me one last glance and let go of the grasp of my collar carelessly. Then he turned and muttered, “Five points….taken from Gryffindor..”. Half the Slytherins chuckled and broke into an uproar of sheer happiness. I saw Snape’s expression on his face…it broke into a wicked grin and he snorted at me. I looked at my peers, in the dusty old room with only one window in the class, with one ray of sunlight shining in on Snape’s desk. They all frowned at me….with pure meaness in their faces..I crossed my arms in frustration, filled and boiled with anger. 
I saw Malfoy whom was sitting at a table to my right. He laughed and snickered with his friends..then suddenly his friends saw me and stopped laughing…and so did Malfoy. He turned around and saw me looking upset…He gave me a wink and a smile..I rolled my eyes at him.

 “Stop…the bickering!” he hissed at everyone..everyone remained quiet. Just then class was over, and everyone got up to leave quickly. Snape was sitting at his desk,eyeing me, while tapping his fingers rhythmically. 

I grabbed my books and just then Malfoy bumped into me once again. His friends sneered and snickered, but Malfoy didn’t. “S-Sorry..” he whispered..and winked at me again and left..I hated Malfoy terribly..his parents were just impacted by me when they found me in Flourish and Blotts. I guess that’s when I first met Draco. I was reading my books and his parents were there and Lucius, however, eyed on me uncontrollably..he whispered to his son, who was by his side and he walked towards me and introduced himself. I had a great conversation with him until I realized he was a terrible person at Hogwarts. 
Enough of that…I sighed and moaned about my books and bent down to pick my Herbology, Astronomy, and The Care of Magical Creatures book. I stacked them up into one and was about to head to my other class when I heard someone’s footsteps approaching towards me. I mumbled angrily, knowing its Snape. I looked up and to my surprise, it wasn’t him. A friendly boy with a lightning scar shot a smile at me. He held my History of Magic book. “Oh…” I stuttered..I didn’t know what to say..I wanted to say thanks but nothing came out. He bent down to his knees to my level and handed it to me. “I’m sorry for the way Snape has treated you today,” he whispered to me. I smiled at him. “Its okay, Harry…I guess he’s just trying to…..” my voice trailed off in wonder. I, myself didn’t know why. I remained silent, determined to figure out why. Then Snape’s footsteps broke the silence. I saw his black shiny shoes stop to a halt just by my side. I looked up timidly and there he was, staring down at me, with his arms crossed firmly.. .

”Are you trying to be an impecible dolt and waste my time because its certainly working dear…” I was about to argue back but Harry interrupted. 
“Professor, I’m sorry, its just, I don’t quite think she deserves to be tre-"


Harry gulped…
”Unless,” Snape snarled and gave that wicked grin to us..
”You want 15 points taken off of Gryffindor..” he chuckled cruelly. I looked down solemnly at my feet and grabbed my books and was about to leave when he grabbed my collar again, choking me and tightening my pulse. Harry nodded at Snape and looked at me one last glance, and sadly walked away…and shut the door. 

I let go of his grasp against my collar and stormed out of the room in a hurry.

 I went to Defense Against the Dark Arts class which wasn’t far from Potions...As I opened the door to the classroom. All eyes were on me….

Class went alright there, nothing special. It was the second week of school and I still didn’t have much friends…..everyone left class and headed to the Great Hall.
 I sat down gloomily in my usual seat, far from everyone else, but near the fireplace…a couple Slytherins tossed food at me using Wingardium Leviosa….but I don’t care anymore..

As I munched down my delicious, tasty food, I felt someone staring at me…….i looked up and looked around…no one was. I sighed and went back to eating but I had that tense feeling again….I looked up at the table where all the professors sat and there he was…staring at me again with his hands folded…

I got up from my table….and started running when I heard footsteps rushing after me. 

I hope you guys like it and please tell me what you think!! (IF YOU GUYS WANT TO GEGT TAGGED FOR MORE CHAPTERS LET ME KNOW!!! :) )
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