Name: Adelaide Lyric Broadmoor
Age: 15
Year: 5th
House: Slytherin
Bio: As little Adelaide grew up, Dominic and Olympe were both highly aware of the fact that their little girl would turn out to be a Slytherin. She often crawled out of her bunk and ended up in their bed, or sneaked around the house hiding in dark, small places. Little Adelaide surely loved giving her parents a scare. But the one thing she loved more than scaring her parents, was annoying her older brother. Despite the fact that the age difference wasn't all that big, she always managed to get on his nerves like every single younger sibling does. And when she found out he was only her half brother, she would annoy him more. After he left for Hogwarts, Adelaide started becoming more impatient and eager to get to Hogwarts just to see what this whole world of wizardry is about. She would get sick of hearing Patrick tell all kinds of stories about how exciting Hogwarts is during summer dinners, and she grew a slight dislike of him because of that, thinking he was some conceited jerk. When she finally did get to Hogwarts, she's loved it. It didn't take her too long to get acquainted to everything Hogwarts was about and it took her even less to discover Quidditch and start to like it. But even though she'd always wanted to play it, she couldn't. She always thought that is she started playing for the Slytherin team, her brother would have more of a reason to feel superior. So she stuck to just watching. She now secretly sneaks out of the dorms with her broom and flies around, imagining herself playing Quidditch.

Personality: Hot-headed, temperamental, sly and devilish. Those are a few words that most people would use to describe Adelaide. She's an ambitious student, and one of the top ones at Hogwarts. She can sometimes be a pain in the ass - especially to her half brother - and mostly irritating if you're not used to the sarcastic-ironic-speaking-kind-of-'friend', but if she really lets you get to know her, you will see she's nothing but a bundle of class.
-quidditch - wants to play
-annoying Patrick
-fooling around and pranking the first years
-has a fascination with the dark arts
-her half brother
-being bossed around/told what to do
-getting caught easily when doing something bad
-not having something entertaining/devilish to do
-being left alone and bored
Wand: 13'', Hawthron with Dragon heartstring core, quite flexible.
Pet: Cat - Phrometeus.
Patronus: Fox.
Boggart: Spiders.
Blood: Pure-blood.
Model: Willa Holland.
Parents: Dominic and Olympe Broadmoor.
Anything else: Half sister of Patrick Heath Broadmoor.
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