misguided ghosts | Wolfgang de Navarrete

Name: Wolfgang Baptiste de Navarette
Aliases: Wolf.
Age: Quite a bit. Older than he looks. A gentleman never tells, though.
Species: Vampire. He was once human, before a certain Qiu Xue walked into his life. She doesn't have much of a role in his turning, but she introduced the paranormal proper into his life. Possibly the sire of a certain friend of Carmen and Amedea, but it's difficult to see Wolf siring anyone.
About: An enemy of the House. Much-tattooed, inventive, inventor. Wears glasses and oddly feminine shoes. And fruity cardigans. And sweater vests. Odd dresser, that is sure. Likes glasses, needs glasses. Smokes a lot. Reads a lot. Has a lot of protective pentagrams/symbols/icons on pendants or tattooed on his body. Geeky, dorky, awkward, adorkable, dead inside. Has had a lot of horrible things happen to him, and is kind of warped due to it. Can't connect to anyone, these days. Difficult. Just... awkward. Sweetly geeky, but so odd and oddly distant and cold and self-absorbed. Involved in a cult up to his elbows, but it's the kind of cult that doesn't know he's not human. So he's a...closet vampire. Used to be very much in love with Qiu Xue, but then things happened, and... that's a whole other story. He still loves her, but he'd rather be an enemy than a friend. He's torn between really rather loving every second he gets to spend with her, and wanting to see that bridge well and truly burnt. Never liked the House, and now wants to see it gone. It's more cult than Xue reasoning, but she doesn't make the House any more loveable in his eyes. Expert in the paranormal. Enemy of Leopoldine, frenemy of Gwen, god knows what of Xue, unknown or irrelevant ~ enemy to Electra - but that will all change. Cool in a dorky way. Not entirely a villain.

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