Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches- The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

Motto: "Strive"
Founded: Just over a thousand years ago
Location: Cackle's Academy is located in Overblow Castle, believed to be a ruin by the non magical people in the local village; they believe the castle to be uninhabited ruins, and are generally unaware of the witches. The castle is located atop a mountain, surrounded by forest. Nearby locations include Mistletoe Wood, Eel Pond, Lacewing Bridge and Glowworm Copse
School Year/Events that occur in terms: There are two terms a year, The winter term (September-January) and the summer term (March-July) with a month's holiday between terms.
Year(grade): Cackle's Academy has five years, the first years start at age 12 and finish fifth year by age 17. Approximately 60 to 70 students total and only 12 to 14 pupils per year.
Year Colors: First years: Purple(Violet)
Second Years: Green
Third Years: Yellow
Fourth Years: Red
Fifth Years: Grey
Uniforms: Black gymslip, grey button down (long sleeved for winter term and short sleeved for summer term), grey & black striped tie, grey sock or black stockings, black boots. A black cardigan may sometimes be permitted.
Students should also have a black cloak and black pointed hat that's to be worn when flying or special occasions. Black robe (dress) are to be worn (along with cloak and hat) at special occasions instead of the normal school uniform.
The P.E uniform consists of a grey shirt, black shorts, and black plimsoll shoes.
Grey nightdress and/or black and grey striped pajamas, worn in bed.
Potions apron, worn during potions class.

Inspired by the Jill Murphy books/tv show "The Worst Witch"
All info was taken from The Worst Witch Wiki http://theworstwitch.wikia.com/wiki/Cackle%27s_Academy
I absolutely adored this sow as a child and recently re-discovered it and have been watching it on youtube, in surprisingly great quality!

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