"I'll be ready in a minute Daddy." I hollared into the intercom and then fastened the buckle of my mary janes. Daddy had arranged for the two of us to have lunch at La' Menurae this afternoon and I had found the perfect little cocktail dress for the lunch.
It wasn't a normal thing for us to get to have lunch together, I knew something had to be on his mind for us to have a "daddy daughter date." 
I took a look in the mirror and flipped a few strands of my straightened hair over my shoulder and headed out of my bedroom and down the stairs to the front door. 
Daddy was sitting in his newest porsche waiting on me and looking quite dashing as always in a fresh black suit. He leaned over and opened the door for me and I slid into the leather seat.
 La' Menurae was only a short drive away and valet parket took daddy's car and ushered us inside to a perfect window seat. Paris was beautiful from the window view and the late afternoon sun hit the buildings perfectly, everything outside seemed to be covered in a rosey glow.
Once we were settled in and our server had brought us some lovely red wine I decided it was time to find out why we had needed to have this date.
"So daddy," I asked with the sweet daughterly smile he adored, "What is it you need to talk to me about?"
He smiled at me across the table and took a sip of his wine.
"You know your daddy well." he said finally, and I nodded in reply.
"I heard you are giving Lady magazine an exclusive look." he said in his small talk voice, the one I had heard time and time again.
"Yes daddy I am. But, that's not what is on your mind." I told him, now reaching for my own glass of wine.
"AnnaBella, my dear." he finally said in his buisness voice and I leaned in bracing myself for whatever he had to tell me.
"You are twenty two now, that's a fine age." He slowly drank the last of his wine before he fixed his eyes on me. "You are a grown young woman now, your life will not always be the way it is now. You can not always just live in your father's house and never hold a job."
I raised an eyebrow, was my father suggesting that I work for a living like any normal person would do? I was an Everheart, we don't work like the normal class of people.
"Offers are going to be coming your way, offers that will change your life forever and you need to listen to your daddy and take these offers. I am not only looking out for your own good,but for the good of our family."
I could not understand what he was saying. Offers? Things would change? Was someone planning on asking me to work?
"You have a good future lined up for yourself AnnaBella. You and Bryght will carve yourselves a fine future." he kept saying.
Where did Bryght fall into this?
And, then it all seemed to fall into place. An offer. Moving out. Life changing forever. Bryght. 
"Daddy...are you saying.." I went to ask and then swallowed hard.."Are you saying Bryght is going to ask me..ask me to marry him?" It seemed crazy, but yet shouldnt I be expecting this? We had been together for a long time.
My dad smiled across the table and reached for his empty wine glass.
"It would be a wise choice to say yes AnnaBella." he said with a warning in his eyes. "Bryght Perry comes from a good,wealthy family that has power in England and a name here in Paris. They make a good partner to our family."
Married. Could it really happen? My head was spinning. Bryght Perry was going to ask me to marry him sometime in the future, the near future. My father, he wanted me to marry him...because he would make a good family partner?
"AnnaBella, look at me." My father ordered and I looked up at him.
"You need to say yes when he asks. I am your father, I have know you and what is best for you since before you were born. You and Bryght will make a good match, and we need that extra pull to hold our position in the buisnesses of Paris."
"Is this all about buisness?" I asked him my face flushing a pink.
"You are goung to marry Bryght Perry,AnnaBella." my father said and a waiter came to our table to re-fill our glasses.
My head was spinning, when my father said something was going to happen it always did. Over the years I had seen him do whatever it took to make what he wanted happen, it was scary what some of his desires took. I knew what he is able to do,he is my dad. But, the wuestion stuck in my head as I reached for my fresh glass of wine was...
Do I even want to marry Bryght PerrY?
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