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"Mother I am a grown woman. I am twenty two years old. I think I can decide what I am going to do." I rolled my eyes in the mirror of my vanity and applied a coat of dark red lipstick.
"Im getting married for goodness sake." 
My mother stood a few feet behind me inspecting her fresh red manicure and trying to telling me what to do.
"AnnaBella, dear, it is not smart for you to be going off to a risque party in your underwear only days after getting engaged! That is all I am saying." she had a "i know better than you" tone and a sharp look in her eyes.
"Mother, Bryght and I havent told anyone about the wedding, excluding our families." I swiveled around in my chair to look at her. She looked down at her Dolce & Gabbana heels. 
"Mother...." I said feeling faint at the idea that came to my head. "You havent said anything about our wedding, have you?" i ask trying to stay calm.
"One of Paris' finest young ladies is getting married and you expect the world to not want to know?" she saying trying to make her voice sound innocent.
"Mother!!" I explode with a face that is red with furry. Im off my chair and in front of her in seconds.
"You told people I am getting married!!?" I feel my face getting hotter by the second as i'm inches away from the make-up covered face of my mother.
"Only a few, they plan on doing exclusive interviews with you before press can get to you." she says in a seemingly innocent voice.
"It's my wedding!! It's my choice who to tell and when to tell!!" I explode turning away from her. "I can't believe you would tell!! Bryght and I should be the ones to tell!"
"Oh sweetie, don't worry they don't know it was me." my mother sings in her soft voice. Its the voice she uses when she tries to make up a good reason to drop someone out of her "Ladies of Paris Society". 
"You mean...' I take a deep breath '...They think I am the one that told them?" I try to sound calm as I let the words out of my mouth.
"Yes dear." she says and a smile crosses her face. I am mad. I am angry. I am furious as I turn back to my mother.
"You pretended to be me." I say very slowly take long and slow steps towards her.
'Natalia Everheart" I never call my mother by name...
"You impersonated me to tell reporters I was getting married!!" Furry is so clear on my face and in my voice that my mother starts backing away from me.
'AnnaBella, they would find out sooner or later." she says her voice trying so hard not to shake.
"From me!! Not from you!! What am I supposed to tell Bryght when they all write that AnnaBella Everheart has announced her future wedding?!"
My mother is out in the hall now and I am holding on to one of my bedroom doors that arches. My face is hot and red with anger.
"Calm down sweetie." she says trying to use the voice she does with my father when he gets angry at her. It won;t work with me.
"I can not wait until I am married. Then I will not have you to ruin my plans and stick your nose where it doesn't belong!" I yell before I slam my door shut in her plastic face.
My back hits the closed door and I stare up at my ceiling for ten minutes trying to let my mother's deeds sink in.
My cell phone rings and it interrupts my thoughts, the call is from Bryght, I swallow hard and answer it. "Hey sweetheart." i said calmly.
Bryght's voice comes out over the speaker and I can tell he is trying not to be angry... "You want to explain why our plans are being announced all over the tv right now?" he asks calmly.
I reach for my remote and turn my flat screen onto the news. There it is splattered across the screen with a picture of myself and one of Bryght.
I turn up the sound...
"Miss AnnaBella Everheart is officially off the single ladies list. Three days ago her boyfriend of two years, the dashing English lord Byght Perry got down on one knee and popped the question." the reporter on screen says with an all to perky smile. "One of Paris' wealthiest daughters is about try the knot in a wedding we can only imagine the splendor of. A date has not been set yet but Miss Everheart has been quoted to say that she is "thrilled beyond words at the life she about to begin with her true love." We wish both AnnaBella and Bryght all the luck in the world and we can not wait to follow the wedding that we know will rival any other." The announcer went off screen and commercials began to play...
"And so it begins..."i thought as I took a deep sigh and tried to decide if I should tell the sweet Bryght about his wicked future mother-in-law.
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