Miss Jázmin Lucia Marlene

♦ name : my name is Jázmin Lucia Marlene
♦ nickname : jáz
♦ age : 15
♦ grade : sophmore - 10th
♦ appearance : I have quite thick blonde hair, falling just past my chest. It's quite whispy towards the ends, which I like, giving me this just-woken-up but-still-looking-hot look. Of course I do style it, the rolled-out-of-bed look is not my kind of thing. Usually I have a middle parting, but I like to change it from time to time. I have a heart shaped face, with evenly full light pink lips, surrounding my shiny white teeth. I was thankful enough not to have braces, so my teeth are naturally perfect. My nose is a 'sweet button nose' and I have a few freckles, which are only visible during hot sunny weather. I have big sparkling green eyes, with flecks of blue&grey. I'm tall and have a very model like frame, long legs and arms with a toned stomach - dress size 2. I like to tan, actually I love to tan, not fake tanning but laying on the white beaches soaking up the sun rays, that kind of tan.
♦ personality : My personality, wow, where to start. I see myself as quite a friendly person. I hate to judge people, but it's a natural thing to do, but I don't air my thoughts like some girls do. Such and un-classy thing to do. Speaking of class, I like to keep a classy mind to things, but I'm not prudish, not like my mother*insert eye roll here*. Having attention is great, but I'm not going to seek it, such a bratty and annoying habit to have. I guess I can come across as a bit defensive and elitist, but that's just your opinion. I like to have fun, so any parties that are happening I will most likely attend - but of course it depends on who's. I'm loving, but will put anyone in their place, I just can not tolerate silly little wannabe's. I'm in everything for myself, I will fight for what I want to get it and no one can ever change my mind once it's set.
♦ nationality : hungarian
♦ hometown : budapest, hungary
♦ family : father - Matthew Marlene - CEO of ghd (38) mother - Aliz Marlene - Fashion Designer (36)
♦ bio : I was born in the gorgeous Budapest, Hungary. It was lovely there, the people, shops, restaurants and some amazing sites. We lived in a luxurious penthouse over looking the skyline, I know it wasn't anything as gorgeous as New Yorks, but it was the best in Hungary. So after living there for a couple years, which was good I guess, we moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. Complete culture change, seeing as in Hungary there was mostly poorer family's, but here in Denmark it was amazing. High end stores and all the rest. My life had officially started here. So I attended only the best private schools, which was a complete change for me as back in Hungary I was home schooled. Here my obsession for fashion was fed, and I accompanied my mum to business meetings. I remember it so clearly, me sitting next to her on a little pink chair, hers being a large black swivel one. On the back of mine, my name had been engraved in this beautiful writing, and then Swarovski crystals dotted about. It was my favourite chair in the world, I still have it now actually. Oh, my bad, I forgot to mention, my mother is a fashion designer. She started out as a buyer, working for Dior and Chanel. But then she wanted to make her own name, and that is where the empire began. Now my mothers brand is ranked in the top 5 globally. My father is the CEO of 'ghd', he's taken it world wide, so thank my daddy for your effortlessly styled locks. After living in Copenhagen for 5 years, I was now 10 and wanted to see something bigger, a change in scenery. So we moved over to the states and bought an estate in cali. Moving here has made my accent crazy, it's danish/hungarian + american all mixed together. I love it and so do my friends, when I first started high school I was the talk of the school - perfection. I had a few boyfriends, most of the girls went through them like machines, but I'm not easy, I have more class than that.
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thank you xo

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Elites again. (:

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♦ secret : So I had this party, my parents were out of town and there hadn't been anything fun to do in like a month. So I got together with my girls and we planned a party, I say planned, it wasn't planned at all. We made a few phone calls and that was that. Friends of friends came, college boys, the lot. It was amazing, and thankfully the estate didn't get wrecked. This is where I met Luke, my boyfriend, my secret boyfriend. Well he's only a secret from my parents. They would kill me if they found out about him, this is why I had to make a pact with my best friends. He's only 17, but they can be over-protective with things like this, so it's best they didn't know. But with them being on business trips a lot they /won't/ find out.
♦ flaws : I wouldn't class this as a 'flaw', but anyway, i can be a little snappy and defensive from time to time but thats about it.
♦ hobbies : I love cheer, dance, gym, working out and of course the typical shopping and partying.
♦ likes : Isa, my boyfriend, partying, socializing, cheer, dance, lady bugs, glitter, jewels, lipstick, smooth hair, cute jumpers, 3.1 Phillip Lim bags
♦ dislikes : bugs, insects, boring people, hair bands+clips, pesky wannabe's, cold weather
♦ clique preference : leopards
♦ roleplay experience : around 2 years
♦ activeness : 8/10
♦ extra info : n/a
♦ sample roleplay :
Jázмιn ℓυcια мαяℓєnє
{ prepare for a little d-rama }
;; insert polyvore here ;;
'' if there is even a scratch on my car '' i say allowing him to interpret what ever the ending to that may be. a look of fear passes through his eye and i try not to giggle, having this much power over someone is bliss. i batter my lancome coated eyelashes to the cute valet boy as i hand him the keys to my darling car. he nods and i hand him a crisp dollar bill, just a little tip and strut past him, tossing my silky tresses over one alexander wang cladded shoulder. i enter through the glossy doors to the lobby of the slick modern complex and listen as my louboutins clack across the marble floor. i find myself standing in front of the glass reception desk, examining the classic middle ages looking woman, sat with exemplary posture on her white leather chair. she peers over her marc jacobs reading glasses, looking me directly in the eye, just what i would expect from a woman such as her. '' jázmin marlene '' i say, my sugary sweet voice, a mixture of danish/hungarian/american accent ringing out in the modern lobby. i play a little smirk on my pink lips as a faze of recognition passes on her expressionless face. she's definitely heard the name, for sure. '' well miss marlene, welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay '' she replys, handing me a golden key with a plaque, my room number engraved on the back. i nod in a thank full way and pivot on one heel, following the bell boy towards the elevators.


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