Haley Woodsen, 25
Being madly in love with her husband only makes it harder for Haley when he's over seas. Haley and her husband got married right out of high school and soon thereafter, he joined the army. Haley has an extremely hard time dealing with being alone, but she tells herself she'll be fine. Even though she's getting more and more depressed as the months go on. You see, Haley has never liked being alone. And being well off, she's almost always alone in their huge house. She's normally a very happy person, who always has a smile on her face. But lately, Haley has been stuck up in her house, looking over pictures from their wedding day. We wonder if Haley can really make it another two months when her husband returns, or if she'll be certifiably insane by then.
Emma Stone


Top three (other than my first choice):

1) Ramona Durand
2) Violet Cooper
3) Lara Roberts


I run my fingers through my hair anxiously, staring at the Skype icon next to my husband’s name. Any second now, the icon would turn green and we’d be able to video chat for a few minutes. Getting access to a free computer was a rarity, so I cherished every second I got to see my husband, even if I only got to see him and hear his voice for a minute.

After a few minutes his icon lights up, going from boring grey to bright green. I feel myself start to grin as I stare at the screen, waiting for the call to pop up. I get my wish a few seconds later and click on the ‘answer with video’ button, grinning even more when my husband’s face fills the screen.

“Hey there, beautiful.” He says with a grin, his eyes twinkling. “You get more and more beautiful every time I see you, babe.”

I laugh softly, feeling my cheeks heat up. “I could say the same about you, handsome. How’s the army life treating you? You look exhausted.”

He shrugs, wrinkling his nose up at me. “I’m fine, Hal. I can sleep when I get home.”

“Two more months!” I grin some more, clapping my hands. “I can’t wait, babe. I miss you so much.” 

“I know, babe…I miss you too. It’s weird not being with you.”

I nod in agreement, biting my lip. “We’re turning into one of those mushy couples. They’re gonna make a Lifetime movie about us, babe. You know, high school sweethearts turned army family.” I say teasingly, laughing.

“Mm, nope. There needs to be some sort of tragedy in order for it to be a Lifetime movie.” 

“Annnd we don’t have any of those.” I add, smiling some more.

“Nope, we don’t.” My husband says, smiling back at me. “But I gotta go, my five minutes are up. I love you, Haley.”

“I love you too. Stay safe.” I blow a kiss at the camera, waiting until my husband hangs up to let my smile fade. I shut my laptop and get up slowly, wandering to the living room. The sound of my heels echo across the empty room and I sigh, finally plopping myself down onto the couch. I pick up my wedding album and start to flip through it slowly, tracing each picture with my fingers, touching every face, ever smile, every little detail.

“Please come home…I miss you more than I can even say.” I whisper as I reach the last page, feeling hot tears start to drip down my cheeks. “Please come home.”
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