SUNDAY JANUARY 9: The Boston Children’s Museum has free admission today so we’re all going. If you’ve got a little one it’s perfect. If not, get ready to release your inner childish side.

sucky story, sowwy :[
I plopped down next to Johnny and nudged him, "Long time no see."
He turned to me and smiled, "Daisy Perry."
"I heard you and Coop were opening a bar here?"
He nodded, "Yeah. Mostly he is. I'm kind of letting him do it on his own."
I nodded, "Well that's great either way."
"I see you still got the ring," He nodded to my left finger. I glanced down at the rock, feeling sick to my stomach. David had yet to answer any of my calls. I didn't understand why he was completely ignoring me.
"Um, i still have the ring but....not the guy. Or, well, i don't know."
Johnny smirked, "You never did make sense when it came to David."
"It's really my fault...i told him i wanted a break. He took that as a sign that we were over. I didn't mean for it to be like that though."
"Well, usually when someone says that want a break that's their nice way of saying you want to end things."
I sighed, "That's not what i want though."
"Tell him that then."
"I tried, he didn't listen. And now he's not answering my calls."
"....I don't know what you want me to say," He answered after a few seconds.
"Nothing," I stood up. "I'm sorry for boring you. You've already wasted enough time dealing with my drama before."
"And you know i don't mind. That's what friends are for."
"So that's what we're calling what we had? Friends?" I smirked.
He shrugged, "Labels are stupid."
I smiled, "Well thanks for listening anyway."
"No problem Perry," He smiled, starting to walk away.
"Johnny!" I called after him.
"You should call me get a beer or something."
I nodded.
"Alright, yeah. I'll call you."
"Bye Johnny."
"See you later, Dais."
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