Hello everyone! It's been such a long time ~ 
I've been doing fine these days (maybe months). I spend most of my time at uni and I'm almost never at home. Today I had some free time so I decided to say hi to all ♥ I miss you so much! On my everyday, there are times when I think about all of you and it feels so nostalgic. You are the only reason I'm aiming for free time to come to poly. I really don't want to lose you. 
My life changed quite a lot since I started uni and...I don't know...I feel weird coming back :/ 

Let me just get you updated about Alicia's life XD
Studies: my grades are still bad...I study like crazy and it's so hard to pass any test I do...patience! At the end I'll pass! FIGHTING!

I've met lots of new people and I can say that nowadays I'm totally myself. I used to have friends who held back my personality and didn't understood me at all. Now I don't mind being a 100% myself. My old friends "kicked me out of the group" and I feel like I don't care anymore about it. My selfconfidence has grown a lot too! 
And about boys...Since I started uni, there was this boy who was always staring at me. Always. 
Well I always feel like everyone is staring at me at uni (i'm way too pretty for their eyes XD) but oh well...Going back to that boy, I think I really like him :P We partied some nights and he was always by my side and dancing together...hmm...I don't know what will happen because I don't see him anymore as we now go to different classes... :/ There are lots and lots of boys at my uni since this career is more popular within boys XP There are way too many cute boys kkkk ~ ^_^ 

Music: K-pop isn't a thing I'm in right now. I don't listen to any kpop song nowadays. I'm just sometimes checking if there are any news about CL's US debut or 2ne1. 
I just discovered Mac Miller a couple of weeks ago and I'm totally obssessed ♥ Also, I really like Ariana Grande, her outfits are super cute. My love for Rihanna, Demi Lovato and Nicki Minaj is growing more and more everyday and I'm also all day listening to Reegaeton (latino music).

My relationship with my sister is as great as always ♥ She's now with a boy and she spends most of the time outside with him so I don't see her that often D: But because she's super happy, I'm super happy too ^_^

And about "my fashion" I still wear whatever I want. There are people at uni that I guess they judge me because I'm too risky but I don't mind it since I feel great with my clothes and my friends always get mad when they hear any bad comment about it so...I'm still the one of a kind Alicia XP I'm going to dye my hair soon! I'd like to have a light brown like---> https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/c4/17/e8/c417e810767481cbf5878aa044f021a9.jpg or maybe a little bit darker :/

And... I can't think about anything else I could tell ...

I'll never be tired of saying how much I love you and how important you've been to me all this time ♥ Now I'm gonna check all of your sets (at least I'll try to) and read the descriptions to get to know how you've been doing! (I'll feel like a stalker XP)
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