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This is one of my recurring dream themes: I suddenly realize that the semester's over and I haven't been to class once! Graduation is right around the corner and I will have to stay back and repeat this whole semester. Not to mention I've totally ruined my GPA! This dream theme always fills me with total terror and I have to think really hard when I wake up to remember that I already graduated - I'm all done - I have my degree - my GPA is intact. Leaves me in a cold sweat!


Wrote 6 years ago
Yes, I have this recurring dream - that I'm back in high school starting all over again from the 9th grade & I keep saying "but I've already gone to high school decades ago" - it's a real nightmare!!!

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
Yeah Barbie & Ken!!!

Wrote 6 years ago
I certainly can relate to this. Super set my dear.

Wrote 6 years ago
Oh, yes I have had this dream many times: I´m almost finishing my universitary education and I realize that haven´t passed my math exams during primary or secondary education... yes it´s totally terrifying...

Wrote 6 years ago
This is one of my recurring dreams and I have those dreams very often, I mean VERY often.
Back to school, back to university, the exams .. I suddenly realize that I haven't revised at all... Yes, this is total terror!!!

Wrote 6 years ago
LOL, it happens to me too!! Amazing set!!!!!!!!!

Wrote 6 years ago
I think I had those dreams years ago, but mine were somewhat concrete ... as in I did miss much time!

Wrote 6 years ago
LOL - sophisty, I graduated with my computer science degree in 1985, and then with my religious studies/philosophy degree in 2002. You'd think I'd be over it, too! I keep pondering just what "lessons" I'm missing or ignoring in "Earth School" - that's the only thing I can relate this to - I'm flunking out at Earth School because I'm just not showing up!

Wrote 6 years ago
I DEFINITELY have this dream... and I'm 62, and I have a Ph.D.! You'd think I'd get over it, wouldn't you???

Wrote 6 years ago
LOL!!!! don't think I've had this one ... ;-)

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