01/09/13- Dedicated mainly to my bf aka the most special man in my life, the man who is also by far the best, nicest, most caring, inspirational, patient and generous man I ever knew. Missing him sooo much even though it has only been about 3 days since we saw each other lol, am so glad we will be seeing each other tomorrow! I hope I'm not crazy to miss him so much but am trying to enjoy it more than worry about it. I must say this will take some getting used to though! Well anyway this is also secondly dedicated to anyone who is also currently missing their bf lol :b
xoxoxoxo (to my bf lol) 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (mostly to bf as well but also to everyone else, hope you like this!) :)

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Wrote three years ago
cute! so nice to have someone you love enough to miss that much!

Wrote three years ago
Love these sets! They are adorable and so full of happiness. Also love the colors! Thank you my sweet friend for taking time to look at so many of my sets. That's very nice of you and I appreciate it bunches!

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