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Welcome everyone! This group is open to all types of sets so long as they are your own unique creations & have no profanity. Please submit and share your beautiful creations. Many contests and lots of fun themes. I hope you enjoy! Please do not submit sets with profanity, nudity, or are of a hateful or hurtful nature, and no retail marketing sets please! They will be rejected! Sponsored sets are okay if they look stylish and attractive! Thanks! I try very hard to ensure everyone has an opportunity to win!! If you are looking for a mod that plays favorites, I'm the wrong one! I believe everyone deserves the chance to shine! So shine on my dear ones, shine on!! xx Mod: @mcheffer Adopted: 4/12/14 For all of my groups links click here: http://www.polyvore.com/links_to_my_groups/collection?id=4001395 Estyle: http://www.polyvore.com/estyle/group.show?id=170743 ❤️ http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=144951 Moods: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=78703 Sayings & Style Stuff http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=35892 Beautiful People of Color! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=119434 The Moderator's Hub!: http://www.polyvore.com/moderators_hub_join_you_want/group.show?id=187472 I Don't Do Fashion I Am Fashion: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=162766 The Group http://www.polyvore.com/group/group.show?id=128451 Simple but Never Plain: http://www.polyvore.com/plain_simple/group.show?id=167130 My Style: http://www.polyvore.com/my_style/group.show?id=151682 Beauty Inside, Gorgeous Outside: http://www.polyvore.com/beauty_inside_gorgeous_outside/group.show?id=145360 ●☯ Carpe Diem ☯● http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=184835 Cosmic Free Spirits: http://www.polyvore.com/cosmic_free_spirits/group.show?id=173961 Fashion My Way: http://www.polyvore.com/fashion_my_way/group.show?id=185940 Glitter: http://www.polyvore.com/my_face_isnt_very_chanel/group.show?id=143586 Every Girl's Dream: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=1592 Fashion Diva: http://www.polyvore.com/fashion_diva/group.show?id=145125 Home is Where the Heart is: http://www.polyvore.com/home_is_where_heart/group.show?id=152217 Dream Set: http://www.polyvore.com/dream_sets/group.show?id=100007 The Best Polyvorians: http://www.polyvore.com/best_polyvorians/group.show?id=131657 Secret Fashionista: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=161039 Make Fashion Easier: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=173507 Posh: http://www.polyvore.com/posh/group.show?id=117657 Fabulous-Expressions: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=182101 Top-Notch: http://www.polyvore.com/sitting_in_an_english_garden/group.show?id=149698 Hooked On Style: http://www.polyvore.com/hooked_on_style/group.show?id=170896 Polyvore at it's BEST: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=172179 Gowns Galore: http://www.polyvore.com/gowns_galore/group.show?id=168677
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1 member away from our trophies! Woohooo! ***Dress Sets!*** All set styles welcome! Be sure to enter my dears! Hugs!

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