Whereever Anakin goes, Ahsoka goes.

Mission for Ahsoka Tano (@almacen-blank), Anakin Skywalker(@ghsdrummajor) and Obi-Wan Kenobi (@pingpoe4jc): Palpatine has sent the knights in to the depts of Corusant to disband a group of terrorist,but the deeds of these "terrorist" are much to exstream. The there is talk about "dark forces" behind their acts. The Jedi's jobs to disband, bring in these terrorists. If at all possibly find out who is behind it.

MIssion of: Eillio Walker ( @the-dark-arts) & Neela Yoto (@zopat-93s-rp): The current Queen of Naboo has had her suspecions that there is a spy inside of the palace. Your jobs find out, For Who. Why, and then bring them back to jail on Corrusant.

Mission for Padme (@the-dark-arts) and R2-D2& C3PO(@zopat-93s-rp): Padme has gone to Aalderan to visit Bail Organa, but while there are together Separatists have kiddnapped Padme, and the two droids. Your mission is simple: ESCAPE!

Mission for Katir (@pingpoe4jc) and Cora T'al(@almacen-blank): You have been sent Ryloth to stop pirates from kidnapping and trading slaves. 

REMEMBER NO RELATIONSHIPS, except Anakin and Padme. Flirting is allowed though. If others wish to play they must submit there OC. PM your partners to see who will start the sets. When you have gotten to the point in your story were you are ready to meet your villian tag @princessbrievel. She is in charge of ALL villians, that includes who, and what they do. So DO NOT include your own villian or say a name of a villian unless you have gone through @princessbrievel. HAVE FUN!!
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