@missjohanna02 's set challenge

had a lot of fun making these sets! Hope you like them and good luck to everyone who enetered!


Wrote 11 months ago
Love it

Wrote 11 months ago
☆The roof was pretty windy☆
^ @stxrmclouds
^ @pirate-elle
^ @andreab6
^ @fefedefederica
^ @demigod-wizard-tribute-elf
^ @as-told-by-gabi

Wrote 11 months ago
☆Thought we were going strong☆

^ @autumn-alien
^ @xhopefulromanticx
^ @xo-night-changes-xo
^ @rawllamas
^ @ema55
^ @whovian-of-fashion
^ @monstergirlxjpg
^ @december-berry
^ @detta13
^ @kzjkv7

Wrote 11 months ago
☆It's a rush inside I can't control☆
^ @social-casualtea
^ @icecreamgirl123
^ @h0ld-0n-let-g0
^ @supertapwoman
^ @awakened-paradise
^ @kickitap
^ @gglloyd
^ @sammyjohnson
^ @jaguarwood

Wrote 11 months ago
☆It's our paradise and it's our war zone☆
@valismyname your sets are really pretty and you seem like a really nice person! I hope to get to know you better and maybe we can talk sometime:D
@accidental-artist i don't really know you but your creations here on polyvore are AMAZING and i think it would be interesting to talk to ya :D
@fashion4life11 aaaah you like dan and phil, shawn mendes, the mortal instruments and troye sivan! I feel like we would get along so well!!
@menna121 i really like how colourful your profile is! keep up th hard work gurl!
@r0llthedice your simple sets are so cute and from your bio I can tell that you're a pretty awesome person!
@sundrop02 i love your fashion sets and woul love to talk to you sometime :D I think we would really get along and yup...
@itsmy123 i love the fact that you are so dedicated as a directioner and i love how unique your sets are!

@egrace0215 you are such a lovely person and your sets have improved so much ! Keep up the hard work and remember that i'll always be here for ya :D
@briannamariecardenas mahh gurl! Thank you for being such a good poly-friend! We don't talk that much but i know i can always count on you! PS your tips are beautiful!

I know i basically said the same thing to all of you but i don't really know you so i had no clue what to say! Maybe in the future i'll change things up a bit but we'll have to wait and see XD


  • andreab6
  • egrace0215
  • littlemissmonster13
  • isabel8margarita
  • bunibou
  • coolndout
  • ajsajunuzovic
  • esma178
  • saramsilva
  • j-apan
  • andreea-butcaru
  • victoria-wolff
  • jovana-p-com
  • fashion-and-beauty-miracles
  • fefedefederica
  • nataliastariha
  • sabinakopic
  • linnettebar
  • sasane
  • gymnasticforever123
  • clariworld
  • littlemspolyvore
  • cutienat123
  • pulchritudinouss
  • disposition666
  • andrejae
  • exco
  • queen-of-clarity
  • ema55
  • lovejulia07
  • flowerpower-795
  • fandombreather
  • obrien91
  • amyhnsn
  • mahshid-afshar
  • kickitap
  • stxrmclouds
  • sundrop02
  • monstergirlxjpg
  • icecreamgirl123
  • ane-twist
  • liz1478
  • impossibleyear
  • supertapwoman
  • amelia-bahlen
  • dinka1-749
  • xhopefulromanticx
  • marina-iceberg
  • novxcaine
  • liyah-trapped-in-badlands
  • mila96h
  • scarletjohansonwannabe
  • deedee-pekarik
  • giampourasjewel
  • lana-97
  • nerma10
  • jenny007-281
  • awakened-paradise
  • aguniaaa
  • bluealone
  • itsmy123
  • m-zineta
  • jaguarwood
  • pokadoll
  • clumsy-dreamer
  • miki-87
  • teas-and-autumns
  • janee-oss
  • aida-1999
  • annabelle-477
  • detta13
  • stxrs-in-her-eyes
  • lucky-1990
  • almedina-86
  • melisa-hasic
  • k-lole

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