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Hey Chiccas! I'm going to add some chicos soon, but it took me FOREVER to make this. Please notify me if you need any more characters!
~ Key ~
MPO;; Missing Person's Officer
♦;; Taken
♥;; Reserved with Love, hehe :)
Later babes! xox
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    Nαмe: Dannikah Thorpes
    мιnι вιo: Dannikah is the go-with-her-gut type of MPO*. She's fierce and doesn't take no for an answer. But will this get her into trouble?
    ѕкιℓℓ: Interrogation
    ƒℓαω: Goes a bit (Understatement of the year!) too far" — @englishchiclife
  • A well traveled woman
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    Nαмe: Ariana Grey
    мιnι вιo: Ariana is one of the best cops in the country. She's fast, seductive, and dedicated to her job. She also likes a drink every now and then. But could this binge drinking ruin her career?
    ѕкιℓℓ: Street
    Flaw: Drinking" — @englishchiclife
  • Little Miss Badass
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    Nαмe: Chelsea Martinez
    мιnι вιo: Chelsea Martinez, experienced in espionage. Give her a disguise and she'll fool ANYONE. But is it not just the disguises that are fake?
    ѕкιℓℓ: Espionage
    ƒℓαω: Very vain" — @englishchiclife
  • .@emily_walton | Got my nose done
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    Nαмe: Tiana Jones
    мιnι вιo: Tiana is a very charming officer. She'll basically flirt you to heaven and back so you'll tell her all the information you know. But could this come back to bite her on the @ss?
    ѕкιℓℓ: Charm
    ƒℓαω: Slightly Unfocused" — @englishchiclife
    .@emily_walton | Got my nose done - Use Instagram online! Webstagram is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!
  • Russians are coming
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    "Nαмe: Orlaya Demitrez
    мιnι вιo: Orlaya is a russian MPO well known for her bravery, after taking down one of the most feared serial killers. But is this killer just hiding away, waiting to strike?
    ѕкιℓℓ: Bravery
    ƒℓαω: Has Wicked Temper" — @englishchiclife
    Russians are coming
  • Kate Upton is A Casual Beauty for Elle France January 2013 Cover Shoot
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    "Nαмe: Michelle Johnson
    мιnι вιo: Michelle is one of the youngest people on the job. She does things 'by the book' and hasn't yet progressed in the 'rebellious' zone. But is this just a cover up?
    ѕкιℓℓ: Communication
    ƒℓαω: Uptight" — @englishchiclife
    American Beauty - Blonde beauty Kate Upton shows off her casual side in the January 4th cover story of Elle France. The American model poses for the lens o
  • Cora Keegan by Frida Marklund for Fashion Gone Rogue
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    "Nαмe: Renae Harker
    мιnι вιo: Wheres Renae? She's probably chatting up your bloke at the water cooler! She's only here to forget her former life as a prostitute. But is she close to revisiting that?
    ѕкιℓℓ: Pressuring others
    ƒℓαω: in bio!" — @englishchiclife
    Summer Time Babe - Photographer Frida Marklund and stylist Ryan Richmond fully embrace summer with these images shot for FGR's latest exclusive. Model Cora
  • Billie Piper by Damon Baker
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    "Nαмe: Amanda Lockheart
    мιnι вιo: Amanda is the laid back MPO. She only cares about getting the job done. She is quite mysterious.
    (I'll add to this!)
    ѕкιℓℓ: Being Sneaky
    ƒℓαω: Neglectful" — @englishchiclife
    Billie Piper by Damon Baker
  • Emily DiDonato x Gianluca Santoro @ ShockBlast
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    "Nαмe: Cora Depricia
    мιnι вιo: Like Renae, Cora is running from her past life. Unfortunately, she isn't the fastest one in the pack if you catch my drift. Will she ever learn to let go?
    ѕкιℓℓ: Persuasion
    ƒℓαω: Distracted (Who wouldn't be!?)" — @englishchiclife
    Emily DiDonato x Gianluca Santoro - Savage Beauty -- Gianluca Santoro captures the beautiful Emily DiDonato for

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