MissNikkiiBaby (@missnikkiibaby)

Idk how I feel about her. But I know that I don't think she's some idol and I don't like her like that. When I watch Love&HipHop not only does her voice annoy me but her presence. And her body is nice, but I wouldn't do that to mine. Like if you look closely at her, she looks like a real life barbie doll. She's pretty too, but it goes in and out. Like sometimes she's pretty, and other times she's not. But then she's very mature and sometimes I can see her perspective. I don't know, maybe because she got Fizz and I want him, but just know I don't like her all like that. However, I don't not like her.🤔


Wrote 9 days ago
OML same. I don't know why she think she's the shït and she the baddest ever. I guess so 90% of her is fake😂😂
((Late af I know))

Wrote three months ago

Wrote three months ago
@y-oungin You know it 😉

Wrote three months ago
😂 over dramatic asf

Wrote three months ago
Nah just being honest 💯I felt very passionate about this

Wrote three months ago
😂😂 doing the most girl .

Wrote three months ago
Lmao I am aren't I? I really don't like her though...like ugh! @y-oungin

Wrote three months ago
😂😂 you on some petty shìt . lmfao you taking it soooooo serious .

Wrote three months ago


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