Tuesday; Runway show in Central Park to support Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s fashion line Elizabeth and James. Lots of big names will be there! Hayden Pannetiere and Leighton Meester count themselves as big fans!
Wear; Elizabeth and James
“That was FUNNNN.” Sara cried as we all packed up for the night, dressing back into our own clothes.
“yea, it was.” Bella laughed at her crazy antics.
“Not the best I’ve ever done.” I winked “But close.”
“So you guys going out for drink now?” Grace asked us.
The other girls all answered her. I was however preoccupied. Yet again Ryan was lurking, watching me.
“Nah I think I’ll pass tonight.” I laughed “Need to make sure my apartment’s still standing. And to see who it was Uncle Jack invited over.”
“He invites people to your house?” Sara asked me 
“Yep, and I don’t even know who.”
“I see, well I’ll see you girls later. Yes/” I asked, hailing a cab.
“Yes,” they all chorused
“and Rach?” Grace added 
“You so owe us a rain check.”
“You betcha girly.” I giggled before climbing into the cab. 

“Do it now coz you can and I think you should.” I sung quietly to myself as I hopped out of the cab and walked into the foyer of my apartment building.
“Ms. Stevens.” The door man nodded to me and I smiled at him, heading for the elevator. I walked into the elevator and turned to press the button when I saw him, strolling through the lobby towards me. I jammed the close button and he walked faster, not beating the door however. I leant against the elevator wall and sighed.

When I reached my floor I powered through the door and flopped down onto the couch, feet landing in Uncle Jack’s Lap [that sounded SO perverted but not like that]
“What’s wrong?” Princess he asked me
“Ryan is stalking me, he was at the fashion show and followed me home.”
“So then call security and make sure he doesn’t come in here again.” He told me
“Can you do that, I need a coffee?”
“At 10 o’clock at night.”
“Yes, have a problem with that?”
“Umm, why don’t you sit down. I’ll get that for you.”
“Uncle Jack what are you hiding?” I laughed walking into the kitchen and gasping in shock. There he was sitting at my kitchen counter.

xx Rach

So Gabrielle for Orlando Bloom, most fitting thing i could come up with. is anyone actually reading these? actually you know what, i don't care i like knowing Rachel's backstory. BUT it would be nice to know who's reading *hint Hint* XD <3

Ps: don't mind the dodgey title. but I get to use lots of yummy boys, this is why i love RPs i get to be gorgeous and surrounded by hunks :P ok im done


Wrote 6 years ago
u couldn't choose better pix:) love the set!

Wrote 6 years ago
[yay, I'm so glad people read it :D. PM me if you have a story :Dxx]

Wrote 6 years ago
[i read it and love it]

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[read it :) and i totally agree with your p.s btw :P]

Wrote 6 years ago
[i read it!]

Wrote 6 years ago
(I read it! and i actually wanted to know if you wanted to do a story with me)

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Miranda Kerr! Love the Set!

Wrote 6 years ago
[i read t! and i love this!!]

Wrote 6 years ago
awesome ;D

Wrote 6 years ago
[love the story-that shows i read them haha. Love the set too and your finally bringing orlando in, rachel needs some man candy haha]

Wrote 6 years ago
[love it! and I actually read it ;)]

Wrote 6 years ago
[hahaha! i like the p.s comment :D]

Wrote 6 years ago

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