Last night I went on a REALLY SCARY GHOST TOUR to an old Gaol (it's a jail but it's spelt differently because that's how it was spelt in the old days) !

It went from 8:30 pm 'till 10:30pm and it was soooooo scary!!!!!! XDDD I would tell you all about it but i don't want to spoil it incase any of you people go there (but you probably wont anyway) X3

I has a nightmare last night about it though... it was so scary! it was about this man who came into my house and held a gun to mum's head and them pulled the trigger. dad heard the gun shot and so he came in but got shot twice. i was watching from behind the kitchen but my 2 brothers ran in to see what was happening. i would've called out for them to run but the scary man shot them both before i could scream. i then went kinda crazy and jumped on the scary man from behind and ripped the gun out of his hand and started bashing it against the side of his head. there was blood everywhere and i was crying and slamming the gun into his temple. then he fell to the kitchen tiles and i was screaming and crying beside him. i didn't know if he was dead. then i could hear police or ambulance sirens and my dream stopped.
i woke up crying and was sooooo freaked out!!! i think i'm scared for life now O.O nah... it was only a dream because of all the scary stories we were told at the gaol (or jail) ...

i'm kinda scared now......
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