Just realized today, I made Korean-Chinese-Japanese set in a row.
I was tagged by @kokafor934 to made a set with Mizuhara Kiko

- Make a set based of the asian celebrity you are tagged with. :)
- You have to spell out your name (nickname if to long) with an asian celebrity.
- The names can be stage names or really names, I'm not picky. 
- Tag others with with the celebrity name. 
- Enter contest here: 

R - Ryo Nishikido
I - Im YoonA
A - Anna Tsuchiya
N - Nagasawa Masami
I - Ishihara Satomi
E - Eric Mun
Rainie is my nickname in English my parents named me&my sibling in season,my real name is too long and mixing with Japanese-Korean-English.

not tag anyone..

Well,i never speak out,very awkward 
since so many ppl even my precious following believe that I'm this girl
I tell you here i'm not her ,we slightly look a like isn't?
that why i'm avoided to cut my hair,Kiko always with short hairstyle
and my eyes bigger than her

sorry not reply/tell you who ask me under my comments since precious

Too much Awkward O_O
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