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My Korean Boyfriend (Battle Group): Donghae
You're school/collage/university student and you're accepted in exchange program with South Korea; you're going to the city of your dreams!
With packed luggage and loudly beating heart you enter airport...

Scenario A [an idol]:

Dear Miss,
we'd like to inform you that you received a scholarship to study international relations at the Seoul National University...etc etc. I am reading this letter again and again. It is like a miracle. I am really excited, study in Korea was always my dream and now I am landing at Incheon airport in Seoul. 
The only thing that calms me down is a fact that someone will wait for me. My friend Domghae. I have never seen him, we are only chatting. I saw his photo and he saw mine, but I am really afraid who will wait for me.
I stepped out from the plane and went to the main hall. I have never been so nervous in my life. I was looking for a sign with my name, but I've never seen it. There were so many people. They were all in the crowd and watched something. I went bit closer and I heard ,,That's him!" ,,What's he doing here?" ,,Where are the others?". I didn't understand what they talked about. Everybody looked at someone in the centre, they photographed and screamed. I tried to find the source of this commotion. But when I came closer I saw HIM. My Donghae, only person in Korea I know, my friend, person who came to pick me up. I was confused. I thought he is an ordinary boy who writes to me to chat. The boy who likes the movies and who is afraid of ghosts. Not a celebrity. But it looked like that he is really famous. A lot of girls stood around him and wanted an autograph or a picture with him. I wanted to wave to him to get me noticed but after I realized that is is not a good idea. I felt so disappointed and sad. I wanted to turn around and go away, but suddenly he looked up at me. I totally froze on the spot. He looked directly at me, I'm sure he recognized me. He smiled at me a little, but it seemed like he is nervous and sad. But the fans were everywhere and I could not stand here forever. I smiled at him too, took suitcases and I walked away. I took a taxi and went to my campus. I cannot stop thinking about him. Everything went wrong. I needed fresh air, so I found my map of Seoul and went out. First of all I really wanted to see Fountain Bridge. It wasn't hard to find it, it is the most visited place in Seoul. It was beautiful, many colors billowed over the water. 
,,I knew you'd be here" said somebody behind me. I turned around and it was Donghae. ,,Everyone goes here first of all, it is really gorgeous" he said and he leaned on the railing. I didn't know what to say. He continued: ,, I am really sorry I didn't say you that I am famous. I caused to you problems, but I thought I could take a care of you, but even I could not to pick you up from the airport. I am really sorry." He looked at me so sadly. I wasn't angry at him at all, he did nothing wrong and he seemed that he was really sorry.
,,It is OK, it doesn't matter that you are famous. And it's not your fault that there were a lot of fans. I am glad I am here, I have the opportunity to study here and I am glad I can get to know you better." I said and smiled at him. He also back. 
,,So, do you want something to drink? I know really a good cafe nearby." said Donghae. 
,,Yes, please, I need caffeine so badly." We went together towards to the centre.
,,By the way, what are you doing, that you are so famous?" I asked.
,,Ehm, do you know kpop?"... ...

To be continued.

Uff, I know this is embarrassing, but I am really sorry, I didn't have time to write something more clever. It is really hard to write fan fiction!!!
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